Major New Mixed-Use Development Revealed at 46-15 Kissena Boulevard in Flushing, Queens

Rendering of The Kissena Center at 46‐15 Kissena Boulevard - S9 Architecture,

The Kimco Realty Corporation has filed proposals to construct a new eight-story, mixed-use building in Flushing, Queens. Designed by S9 Architecture, the development would be marketed as The Kissena Center and would contain rental apartments, a community facility, commercial retail, and a parking structure.

If approved, “The Kissena Center” would replace an existing neighborhood shopping center comprised of multiple one-story retail businesses and a surface parking lot.

From top down, proposed residential area measures approximately 244,000 square feet with 244 units positioned on floors three through eight. About 25% to 30% of the apartments would be let as affordable housing.

Above the first floor, the building would set back from the rear lot lines, creating an L-shaped structure to accommodate residential terraces. Within the building, a community facility would occupy 15,675 square feet of the second floor. Aufgang Architects is designing the project.

The ground floor of the structure would contain just under 58,000 square feet of retail. Two level of below-grade parking would accommodate 333 spaces for both residential and commercial use.

Pending approvals, the developer estimates 22 months of construction with full-completion by 2021.

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9 Comments on "Major New Mixed-Use Development Revealed at 46-15 Kissena Boulevard in Flushing, Queens"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: The structure’s charms I think I don’t know, but colors I always like it. (Thank you)

  2. So is it Aufgang or S9?

  3. I wish the city would streamline the ULURP process for projects with this type of density in Queens. In my opinion transit oriented projects like this Otto and One Sixteen are exactly what we need from a planning and affordable housing perspective.

  4. Another step towards turning our residential communities into congested nightmares. It certainly seems to be time for many of us to move on to places were sanity prevails.

  5. Another uncontrollable development force to the likes of KIMCo that will pay-off City Planners and corrupt the ULURP process to deliberately convert and destroy south of 45th Ave our low density residential, treed and livable neighborhoods of single family homes with reasonable quality of life to the congested unbearable calamity of high rise buildings that are found north of 45th Ave along Kissena Blvd, along Main Street, College Point Blvd and elsewhere-endorsed and favored by many of our equally corrupted pro-development elected officials.

    • 99.999% of the country is low or no density. It’s ridiculous that some people choose to complain about density (relatively speaking 8 stories is not even really that dense) in the .0001% of the part the country which also happens to be its largest city. In addition, being liberal New Yorkers, should these whining folks be for progressive environmental agendas? Housing the growing human population in denser urban areas is far more environmentally friendly than having that population spread out, using up more land and increasing the carbon footprint of each person due to the need to travel longer distances.

  6. The rendering in this article is a fairy tale piece of imaginative drawing–this area does not look like this in the dead of night, much less on a sunny afternoon. Kissena Blvd is 2 lanes wide at this intersection with severe traffic congestion at all times and multiple bus lines competing with car traffic.
    The bus service past this intersection is overcrowded already, the intersection at Kissena and Holly is a traffic nightmare.
    The property is zoned for R3-2, and KIMCO wants an unprecedented rezoning to R7 for their construction.
    There are multiple properties for sale in Flushing already zoned as R7 for this type of construction.
    There is no possible reason to disrupt a quiet residential area with another monstrosity.

  7. HELEN BIFANI | May 9, 2019 at 1:53 pm | Reply

    Companies like KIMCO and alike have taken over our beautiful Borough of Queens like rodents. Queens was the suburb of the big city and these companies are destroying the country look of the borough. The changes that have taken place are not for the betterment of the long time communities. The congestion in downtown Flushing is horrendous. All they care about is the Almighty buck. Greed is the name of the game for these companies.

  8. Howard Pursnani | November 12, 2020 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    How do I fill the forms for affordable apt.

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