Façade Work Resumes at One Seaport, aka 161 Maiden Lane, in the Financial District

161 Maiden Lane, design by Hill West Architects

Installation of the reflective glass curtain wall of One Seaport, aka 161 Maiden Lane, is finally progressing in the Financial District. The slender, reinforced concrete superstructure stands 60 stories high and is located to the immediate south of the South Street Seaport District. The 200,000-square-foot project is being designed by Hill West Architects and developed by Fortis Property Group LLC, with Ray Builders as the current contractor. Groves & Co is serving as the interior designer and Douglas Elliman is handling sales of the units.

New photos from the Brooklyn Bridge show the glass envelope rising up the slim eastern profile. Façade work has yet to begin on the northern wall.

The upper residential and mechanical floors of One Seaport. Photo by Michael Young

The central floor of One Seaport. Photo by Michael Young

The lower floors of One Seaport. Photo by Michael Young

The glass on the eastern façade is several stories away from the double-height floors, which will be occupied by penthouses that overlook Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, and the rising sun. Residents facing west will have views of the World Trade Center and the historic Lower Manhattan skyscrapers like 70 Pine Street, 40 Wall Street, and 20 Exchange Place.

Double-height Penthouse living room in One Seaport, image via the teaser website

Sky terrace at One Seaport, image via the teaser website

Looking directly up at the main East River-facing elevation of One Seaport shows the sweeping curve of the protruding balconies that covers nearly the entire height of the edifice.

Photo by YIMBY user, bpc

The rendering below shows an illuminated crown with thin horizontal light strips arranged in a staggered and irregular pattern, which will further differentiate the skyscraper from its neighboring office buildings.

Pinnacle at One Seaport, image via the teaser website

A completion date for One Seaport has not been announced yet, but façade work will likely be completely sometime next year.

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10 Comments on "Façade Work Resumes at One Seaport, aka 161 Maiden Lane, in the Financial District"

  1. Ray builders is currently contractor of the building

  2. David in Bushwick | July 30, 2019 at 9:12 am | Reply

    This very heavy but tiny footprint tower sits on landfill mush.
    Just like with the now worthless Millennium Tower in San Francisco, the developer decided piling down to bedrock wasn’t necessary, so both towers will keep tilting and sinking.
    Walking by, I asked a construction worker coming out if the this tower was still sinking. He hesitated and then smiled and said he didn’t know.

    • Why doesn’t the city require new tall buildings to pile into the bedrock? There’s a reason it’s called “Water Street” — that was the original water line of the East River!

  3. Don’t forget that is slightly tilted. It was featured on Million Dollar Lisiting 2 years ago. I wonder if Friedrick is still moving in?

  4. Is the building still leaning north or was that resolved, and do we know how?

  5. Why would anyone in their right mind want to close on a building in this particular situation….the market is dicey enough not to not have to start off closings on a leaning building built on soft ground

  6. This building looks lovely … if you tilt your head just a tiny bit.

  7. My complaint is the highly reflective facade. When will there be a law preventing facades like this? Countless birds fly straight head-on into them because the glass reflects the sky so well that to the birds’ eyes it looks like they can fly through.

  8. Hubris

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