YIMBY Checks in on the Site of 350 Park Avenue in Midtown East

350 Park Avenue, rendering from Vornado / Rudin Management350 Park Avenue, rendering from Vornado / Rudin Management

Perhaps the most exciting skyscraper project proposed for New York last year is 350 Park Avenue, a nearly 1,500-foot-tall skyscraper from Vornado Realty Trust and Rudin Management. After YIMBY broke the news on Vornado’s expected 2027 completion date for the tower back in February, we stopped by the site to check on the status of its current occupant. Located between East 51st and East 52nd Streets, a total of two edifices would need to be demolished to make way for the development.

350 Park Avenue. Photo by Tectonic

Vornado has stated that demolition cannot begin until the current leases expire at the end of 2023. Rudin Management owns the adjacent 23-story building to the immediate west at 40 East 52nd Street. This would also have to be demolished to make room for the expansive superstructure. As of now, an architect for the future supertall hasn’t been formally announced, but YIMBY will keep an eye out for any information.

Though the main rendering may not reflect the finished design, it nonetheless reveals the project’s height and design language, characterized by a dramatic wedge-shaped design culminating in twin architectural spires. Composed of four glass-clad sections that successively step back from the sidewalk, the building is a gentle, elegant homage to the classic New York setback pattern. Regardless of the final iteration, any building massing would likely feature wide eastern and western elevations and much slimmer northern and southern profiles.

Park Avenue and Midtown East as a whole are poised for a dramatic transformation over the next decade. Topped-out projects like One Vanderbilt and 425 Park Avenue have already made an impression on the Manhattan skyline and will both complete construction in the near future. In addition, JP Morgan Chase’s upcoming headquarters at 270 Park Avenue is underway and will bring another commercial office supertall to the fold.

350 Park Avenue is reported to be completed around 2027.

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12 Comments on "YIMBY Checks in on the Site of 350 Park Avenue in Midtown East"

  1. How do you call it “Perhaps the most exciting skyscraper project proposed for New York…” and yet not identify the architect?

  2. David in Bushwick | April 17, 2020 at 10:45 am | Reply

    Good. Now that perfectly usable mid-century tower won’t get demolished. And the proposed monstrosity across from St Patrick’s Cathedral won’t happen either.
    Change for the sake of change isn’t always good.

  3. With all these Mega “phallic” towers rising in this neighborhood it’s obviously some kind of p***s envy game with the architects and developers! ?

  4. @Christopher – You have somehow summarized every typical NIMBY comment. I am no doctor but the tower in it’s current design does not resemble a phallic symbol. If you disagree please consult a qualified physician.

    the design as it stands is pretty cool .

    • Stephen,

      No, I don’t need to consult a physician,
      as I didn’t mean the “design itself” was phallic, I was referring to these massive towers going up higher and higher to prove some kind of p***s envy game with the architects and developers.

      At a certain point, just how tall do these towers need to be? Do the semi-residental tenants need to see Canada?! It would be a travesty for NYC to look like a scene out of “Bladerunner”, with mile high towers!

      And no I’m not a NIMBY, but prefer to enjoy a mixed height skyline, as opposed to creating another Dubai!

  5. David in Bushwick: What are you talking a about? The Macklowe tower is not dead, and Chase is constructing its world headquarters as scheduled. Stop being so bitter.

  6. Glad to see they are building new towers in locations like 350 Park. Demolish a crummy box like the present structure instead of a row of brownstones!

  7. I hope it gets done. New York’s super talls need to keep pushing the limit and climb higher and higher!

  8. These residential buildings wont be lived in. Their for fat cats to park their money. Thats it. You bring ur mistress over through the underground parking lot.

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