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WatchHouse Opens First US Location at Newly Redeveloped 660 Fifth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan

WatchHouse, a London-based specialty coffee roastery and café, has opened its first United States location at 660 Fifth Avenue, a recently renovated 39-story commercial tower in Midtown, Manhattan. The coffee shop recently signed a lease for approximately 1,500 square feet on the ground floor. The building is located West 52nd and 53rd Streets and was formerly addressed as 666 Fifth Avenue.

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Xadia Hotel Continues Ascent at 58 West 39th Street in Midtown, Manhattan

Construction continues to rise on Xadia Hotel, a 42-story hotel tower at 58 West 39th Street in Midtown, Manhattan. Designed by Marin Architects and developed by Wei Hong Hu under the H Hotel LLC, the 475-foot-tall structure will yield 173 guest rooms and amenities including a restaurant, an arcade, and a rooftop bar. The property is located on a narrow interior plot between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, one block south of Bryant Park.

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660 Lexington Avenue Rises Above Street Level in Midtown East, Manhattan 

Construction is now above street level on 660 Lexington Avenue, a 19-story residential building in Midtown East, Manhattan. Designed by Zproekt Architecture and developed and built by Sergey Rybak of Rybak Development under the 660 Lexington Avenue Development LLC, the 233-foot-tall structure will span 52,558 square feet and yield 23 condominium units with an average scope of 2,123 square feet, as well as 2,551 square feet of commercial space, 1,174 square feet of community facility space, and a cellar level. The property is alternately addressed as 133 East 55th Street and located at the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 55th Street.

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ODA’s 126 East 57th Street Continues Vertical Progress in Midtown East, Manhattan

Construction is continuing to progress on 126 East 57th Street, a 28-story residential tower on Billionaires’ Row in Midtown East, Manhattan. Designed by ODA Architecture and developed by MRR Development under the MRR 1326 LLC, the 346-foot-tall structure will yield 147 condominium units with an average scope of 1,156 square feet, as well as 5,000 square feet of lower-level retail space. The property is located at the corner of East 56th Street and Lexington Avenue, with a narrow panhandle extension to East 57th Street.

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