Sheepshead Bay

2619 East 16th Street

Six-Story, 9,000 Square-Foot Commercial Building Coming To 2619 East 16th Street, Sheepshead Bay

Vitaly Raykhman, doing business as Eliyah Realty, has filed applications for a six-story, 8,991 square-foot mixed-use commercial building at 2619 East 16th Street, in southern Sheepshead Bay, a block from the B and Q trains’ stop at Sheepshead Bay Road. The first two floors will be designated as community space, measuring a total 4,004 square feet, and unspecified commercial space will take up the remainder of the building. Igor Zaslavskiy’s Sheepshead Bay-based Zproekt Architecture is designing, and a 2.5-story building must first be demolished.

2756 East 23rd Street

Three-Story, Nine-Unit Residential Building Filed At 2756 East 23rd Street, Sheepshead Bay

Mikhail Dekhtyar has filed applications for a three-story, nine-unit residential building at 2756 East 23rd Street, in southern Sheepshead Bay, eight blocks from the neighborhood’s subway station serviced by the B and Q trains. The building will measure 8,172 square feet in total, which means units will measure 908 square feet a piece. Richard Walsh’s Sheepshead Bay-based Citiscape Consulting is the applicant of record, and an existing two-story home must first be demolished.

2126 Gerritsen Avenue

Three-Story Multi-Family Project Planned for 2126 Gerritsen Avenue, Sheepshead Bay

Scott Leon, head of JMC Gerritsen Realty LLC, has filed applications for a three-story, 18-unit residential development at the lots spanning 2126-2148 Gerritsen Avenue, in the northeaster corner of Sheepshead Bay. The units will be broken up between three buildings and will combine to net nearly 15,000 square feet; Harry Simino (of Simino Architect) is designing. A two-story, single-family abode and two single-story commercial structures must first be demolished.

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