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4004-4010 Manhattan Avenue

Four Four-Story, Single-Family Homes Coming to 4004-4010 Manhattan Avenue, Sea Gate

Staten Island-based developer Over Development has filed applications for four single-family houses at 4004-4010 Manhattan Avenue, in Sea Gate, which is the gated community on the western end of Coney Island in Brooklyn. Each house will stand four stories in height and measure 2,028 square feet. The residential portions of each structure will begin on the second floor in an effort to mitigate damage during future floods. The ground level will remain unfinished and designed to sustain flood waters. Each house will also come with two off-street parking spaces. Stanley M. Krebushevski’s Staten Island-based SMK Architect is the architect of record. The 10,033-square-foot site, on the corner of Neptune Avenue, is currently vacant. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the community with high surf, destroying many homes in the process.

19-23 Foster Road

Three Three-Story, Two-Unit Mixed-Use Buildings Coming to 19-23 Foster Road, Prince’s Bay, Staten Island

John Stringile, doing business as an anonymous Staten Island-based LLC, has filed applications for three three-story, two-unit mixed-use buildings at 19-23 Foster Road, in Prince’s Bay, located on Staten Island’s South Shore. Each will measure between 2,874 square feet and 2,950 square feet. Two of them will contain 639- to 649-square-foot ground-floor commercial components, while the third will feature a 619-square-foot educational facility. Two apartments will fill the two upper floors in each building. Across the entire project, the apartments should average 1,046 square feet apiece. There will also be an 18-car parking lot, hopefully behind the buildings. Staten Island-based Stanley M. Krebushevski is the architect of record. The 10,476-square-foot plot, on the corner of Wheeling Avenue, is vacant. The neighborhood’s Staten Island Railway station is located three blocks to the south.

95 Boulder Street

Three Small Buildings With Five Total Residential Units Coming To 95 Boulder Street, Woodrow, Staten Island

John Culotta, head of the Staten Island-based Boulder Building Corp., has filed applications for three small residential buildings at 93-97 Boulder Street, in the south shore neighborhood of Woodrow. All of the buildings will have three stories, although two will each measure 1,806 square feet and contain two units while the third building will be fit for one family and will measure 2,029 square feet. The residential space across the development will total 4,714 square feet, although four of the units will average much less space than the single-family home. Stanley Krebushevski’s Staten Island-based SMK Architect is the applicant of record. The 68.5-foot-wide lot is currently vacant and must first be subdivided.

4 Summerfield Place

Six Three-Story, Single-Family Homes Coming To 4-14 Summerfield Place, Graniteville, Staten Island

Staten Island-based Carmela Estates has filed applications for six three-story, single-family homes at 4-14 Summerfield Place, in Graniteville, located on Staten Island’s north shore. Each of the houses will measure between 2,045 and 2,216 square feet, and they will likely be marketed towards families. The roughly 130-foot-wide site, at the corner of Forest Avenue, is currently vacant. Stanley Krebushevski’s Staten Island-based SMK Architect is the architect of record.

262-268 Grimsby Street

Four Single-Family Homes Coming To 262-268 Grimsby Street, Midland Beach, Staten Island

Frank Barbarino, head of Toscana Builders Inc., has filed applications for four three-story, single-family houses at 262-268 Grimsby Street, in Midland Beach, on Staten Island’s southern shore. Each home will measure 1,180 square feet in total, and Staten Island-based Stanley Krebushevski is the architect of record. Demolition permits were recently filed to raze three existing homes at 264-268 Grimsby Street.

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