New York’s Next Super Building – Drake Hotel

New York’s Next Super Building – Drake Hotel

New York’s Next Super Building – Drake Hotel

You have probably passed by 56th and Park Ave. Hundreds of times and have wondered why is there a big open lot of space on the most prestigious avenue in New York City. This open area is the future site of the CIM Group’s construction of the tallest residential tower in New York.

The tower will be named the Drake Hotel – 432 Park Ave, designed by Rafael Vinoly. The architectural plans show that a 1,300 foot tall will occupy that space. It will feature 128 condos with 12 foot high ceilings plus 5,000 square foot driveway to ensure privacy. The total cost of this super building is approximately $1 billion.

Despite many rumors of drawings and renderings we at Elite Daily have obtained the official rendering and model that CIM has made. We are the first to have it the photo is directly below.

The building will feature its entrance on 57th street right across the street from the Four Seasons. Expected time to be completed 2015-2016. The building will feature prime views of Central Park and will over-tower the Four Season by almost three times its size. Rumors that each unit will be sold for $6,000 a square foot.

Some worry that having such a skyscraper and such a modern building may ruin the beauty and essence of the traditional and prestious Park Ave. We totally agree. We have been able to get our hands on a picture of the mold set.


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