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Soho Penthouse Features Ceilings of Tin, Glass

Featuring the rarely seen tin ceilings (to much better effect than the last place) is crazy enough, but this Soho duplex penthouse in 542 Broadway has so much more. The enormous skylight makes for one of the cooler dining rooms we've seen ("Kids, put on your sunscreen, it's time for dinner") and if anyone had doubts about whether or not that was a working fireplace, check out the large pile of chopped wood next to it (the chimney is also something of a giveaway.) And, in addition to the 4,120 square feet of indoor space, the apartment includes another 840 square feet of terrace (upper and lower) as well as an additional 770 square feet of roof rights. Does that about cover it? Oh, the kitchen looks pretty nice, too, and there's also a laundry room. It's asking $6,250,000.

It'll all make more sense once you've seen the floorplan >>

· Listing: 542 Broadway #PH6 [Sotheby's]
· Adventures in Interior Design [Curbed]

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