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One57 Crane Report: Dangling Crane Safe, Not Yet Secured

one57cranesmall_10_12.jpgThe collapsed One57 crane is still swaying over Midtown, two days after it keeled over with a big boom due to Hurricane Sandy's high winds. Evacuated neighbors have not yet been allowed to go home. But the Department of Buildings tells the Observer it has inspected the crane—two inspectors made it to the building's 70th floor—and things are "safe for now." The DOB and the Fire Department are working on securing the crane in some way, perhaps by attaching the boom to the crane's body or to the building itself. A new crane will ultimately need to be built to get the broken crane down, but building that crane could take three weeks, according to the Post. Two things have to wait until the crane is secured: allowing the neighbors and nearby hotel guests back onto 57th Street, and figuring out more precisely what caused the incident.
· DOB: One57 Crane Appears Safe, But It Could Be Days Before It Is Secured [NYO]
· One57 Crane Collapses With 'Big Boom' in Midtown [Curbed]
· One57 Crane Collapse Sends Neighbors Fleeing Midtown [Curbed]
· One57 coverage [Curbed]

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