Construction Update: The Whitney Expansion

The Whitney ExpansionThe Whitney Expansion

The Renzo Piano-designed expansion of the Whitney Museum is making continued progress, with much of the building’s cladding now in place. The facade is simple and modern; some have criticized it as Soviet-esque, but the open windows and generous floor plates inside The Whitney definitely contradict that observation – the chief point of the new building is the display of art, not exterior aesthetics. While the new Whitney fails to compare with contemporary rivals in Abu Dhabi, it will make for an adequate and prominent end-point to The High Line.

Completion of the new Whitney is expected in 2014, and with the current state of progress, it would seem that most of the remaining work is on the inside. The 50,000 square foot outpost will energize the southern end of The High Line, offering a natural conclusion to the elevated park, which is already sprinkled with high profile art pieces. In addition to the ample street-graffiti featured on The High Line, the Whitney expansion will offer 13,000 square feet of outdoor exhibition space.

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