DOB Digest: 606 West 57th Street Filings, “Build It Back” at Gerritsen Beach, More

606 West 57th Street606 West 57th Street


606 West 57th Street: Developer TF Cornerstone has filed applications to begin structural, excavation, mechanical, and foundation work for their 42-story and 1,028-unit mixed-use building spanning 602-606 West 57th Street, on the Far West Side; demolition was also approved for the existing two-story structure at No. 602.

445 West 35th Street: Joy Construction has filed M.E.P. (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) applications in conjunction with a planned 12-story and 125-unit mixed-use building — with nearly 5,000 square feet of commercial space — at 445 West 35th Street, in the Hudson Yards district; the lot is currently vacant, and Aufgang is designing.


36 Canton Court: Property owner David Velez has filed applications to construct a two-story and single-family abode of 1,334 square feet at 36 Canton Court, in Gerritsen Beach; demolition of a Sandy-damaged structure was recently approved.

15 Keen Court: Property owner Angela Schweit has filed applications to construct a two-story and single-family abode of 1,147 square feet at 15 Keen Court, in Gerritsen Beach; a dilapidated single-story structure was approved for demolition earlier this month.


27-27 44th Drive: Thomson Avenue Funding LLC has filed applications to construct a two-story and nearly 20,000 square-foot mixed-use building at the vacant lot of 27-27 44th Drive, in Long Island City; residential and commercial usage were filed, but the number of units is to be amended, and FXFOWLE is designing.

132-55 41st Avenue: Kuiyun Pen — of Grace KH LLC — has filed applications to construct a five-story and six-unit mixed-use building of 6,564 square feet at 132-55 41st Avenue, in Flushing. Nearly 2,000 square feet will be designated for community usage; the site’s two-story predecessor was demolished earlier this month.

128-64 Hook Creek Boulevard: Atid Development has filed applications to construct five two-story and single-family residences at the vacant parcel of 128-64 Hook Creek Boulevard, on the boarder of Laurelton and Valley Stream.

91-17 25th Street: Sharon Cohen has filed applications to construct two more three-story and three-unit residential buildings spanning the vacant lots of 24-52  – 24-56 92nd Street, in East Elmhurst. Cohen’s development consists of at least one more residential building at No. 24-50 — also filed this past week — and combined, the structures total nearly 12,000 square feet.

989 Bayside: Breezy Point Cooperative has filed applications to construct a three-story, single-family abode of 2,016 square feet at 989 Bayside, in Breezy Point; the previous single-story home was washed away during Sandy.

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