Permits Filed for 66-Story Tower at 43-30 24th Street in Long Island City

43-20 24th Street, photo via Bing Maps43-20 24th Street, photo via Bing Maps

Long Island City is quickly becoming home to the tallest towers outside of Manhattan. So we weren’t surprised to spot applications for a 700-foot-tall tower at 43-30 24th Street, in the transit rich area near Court Square and Queensboro Plaza.

The 66-story building would fill an entire block between 23rd Street, 44th Road, 24th Street, and 44th Avenue. The elevated 7 train tracks also run along the west side of the property. The development would include 17,400 square feet of ground floor retail and 838,000 square feet of residential space. There would be 921 apartments, and the average unit would weigh in at roughly 900 square feet.

The first floor would mostly go to retail and amenities, including a storage room for 223 bikes, a library, an office, and outdoor space. A parking garage would occupy the second floor, followed by shared offices, a gym, recreation rooms, a terrace, and a pool on the third and fourth floors. Apartments would begin on the fourth floor, ranging from four to 16 units on each story. The cellar would host a 39-car garage and 280 bike storage spaces, and the second-floor garage would add another 170 parking spots.

Parking isn’t required in Long Island City, and the second-floor garage will likely be a public, commercial garage.

This sizable project is allowed because the lot is zoned R10, which encourages dense, tower-in-the-park style development. The development site is also huge, spanning 79,250 square feet and two lots. A single-story warehouse and a five-story office building currently occupy the site. Bergdorf Goodman leased the industrial building, and a Pennsylvania-based firm called SunGard Data Systems once occupied the office building.

Goldstein, Hill and West Architects applied for the permits, and the developer is German-born Axel Stawski of Stawski Partners, who owns several office buildings in Manhattan. Stawski has owned both properties since 2001.

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  1. New tower plan and appear to the area, can’t stop work of progress in Long Island City.

  2. This tower will be higher than 700feet.

  3. ROBIN WEST | May 17, 2016 at 6:56 am |

    That would b nice.but where r affordable home for low income. Nyc is the highest place for rent,oh yes hotels her to.building r be built. But Congress get a 32℅raise.a cost of living expense. We get 1 or maybe 3% how as tax payers for low income family. Where r my kids supported to all about the rich. Money not the people who lives here.NY home of the braves land f the free.that why every one comes here.people u starving.NY need to take care f us before they do for others.clean up ur back yard first.

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