40,000 New Jobs Projected for Long Island City by 2033 as TF Cornerstone Selected To Develop Amazon’s HQ2

Site map illustrates the location of the new Amazon "HQ2" headquarters in Long Island City / TF Cornerstone's next Hunters Point South skyscrapers

Amazon has officially revealed its plan to develop a second headquarters along the East River banks of Long Island City, Queens. The “HQ2” corporate complex will span multiple lots and structures on Vernon Boulevard, from 44th Road, all the way to 46th Avenue.

The HQ2 development arrives as a joint venture between several state agencies and private entities. Government agencies include Empire State Development, the NYC Economic Development Corporation, and the City of New York. TF Cornerstone was selected as the designee of the City’s original RFP for the site, and will work closely with all partners to oversee and complete the new development.

The new headquarters will initially occupy approximately 4,000,000 square feet of commercial space, and promises the creation of 25,000 jobs within 10 years. The company’s total footprint will eventually occupy 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 square feet of commercial area. Within 15 years, the company is expected to create up to 40,000 new jobs.

The average wage for the Amazon HQ2 employee population will exceed $150,000 per year.

To help locate employees, state agencies will partially subsidize workforce development initiatives beginning in 2020. Initiatives will include accelerated technology training programs, recruiting, and targeted promotions.

In recognition of the scale and projected economic impact of Amazon’s H2 development, Empire State Development structured an incentives package valued at approximately $1,705,000,000.

In addition to offices, the site will include affordable manufacturing and industrial space, dance studios and cultural space featuring programming by the Joyce Theater, and community development centers.

Site map illustrates the location of the new Amazon “HQ2” headquarters in Long Island City, Queens

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8 Comments on "40,000 New Jobs Projected for Long Island City by 2033 as TF Cornerstone Selected To Develop Amazon’s HQ2"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: I was relieved that projected for Long Island City officially revealed.

  2. Good news for NYC but I don’t like the idea of NYS over-riding NYC zoning laws.

  3. What NYC subway improvement projects and expansion plans are under consideration for supporting this investment?

    • Excellent point, in fact, instead of tax breaks there should be 20 year mandatory infrastructure improvement bonds tied to all new LIC developments.

    • None, of course, because NYS and the MTA are incompetent in nearly every way. With the development progress that has occurred and is easy to see over the horizon, the obvious move is to branch the G train after it crosses Newtown Creek and place a station around 46th Ave and Vernon Blvd, one near 11th st and 43rd Rd, and then proceeding up 21st Street in Queens. It can then branch through Ditmars and go directly to La Guardia Airport, and across to College Point and beyond. Further, it can split to make a spot on Randall’s Island and then connect with the second avenue subway in Manhattan.

      This would be smart development, cost-effective, and solve a handful of transit issues all at once. It will never happen because New York is riddled with corruption and graft and people who claim to care about people and their well-being yet who constantly take actions to prevent things that will improve people’s lives.

  4. Fow $2.5B in tax breaks it would be nice to see some public amenities and infrastructure renovations.

  5. Dana Ohlmeyer, LCSW | November 24, 2018 at 7:01 pm | Reply

    Two or three incontrovertible nasty backhands by the State to the City. The Department of Education building is huge, and within reach of public transportion at Court Square and several buses, some coming from publc housing. The designated area on the map for the massive needs of supplies and support personnel—not teachers but all the plant supports for one and a quarter million pupils— is a dinky spot half a mile away or more. There are ten truck bays and ten stories and parking behind the building for accountants and others commuting in.
    Those are jobs in the public sector. Many are jobs. The enemy of New York values is at the gate. Refuse the move!

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