Union Crossing at 825 East 141st Street Nearing Opening Day Amidst Residential Boom in South Bronx

Union Crossing looking east on East 141st Street. Designed by Woods Bagot

The South Bronx is undergoing a major urban transformation as developers are continuing to reshape the area with a mix of adaptive-reuse buildings and new residential construction. Union Crossing is a new mixed-use project that will combine contemporary commercial office space and retail opportunities for newcomers to the historic neighborhood. It is designed by Woods Bagot, while the developers include Madison Realty Capital, The Altmark Group, The Bluestone Group, and Galil Management. JRT Realty is the exclusive leasing agent for the venture.

Located in Port Morris at the corner of Bruckner Boulevard and East 141st Street, the site sits to the east of the Bruckner Expressway and to the west of the Metro North New Haven railroad tracks. The footprint of the entire complex consists of a seven-story tower and a four-story annex. The closest subway stations are East 143rd Street and Cypress Avenue on the 6 train. This was once the home of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, also known as A&P, when the building first operated in the early 20th century.

The lower levels where cafes and shops will be located. Designed by Woods Bagot

Large spaces on the lower floors will make way for people to eat, socialize, and gather. Designed by Woods Bagot

In the past couple of years, the whole structure was largely renovated and logistically designed to fit in large studios, flexible office space, cafes and shops, and a 7,500-square-foot rooftop. All the MEP systems, elevators, plumbing, and windows have been updated as well and are enclosed in a newly painted dark brick facade. Large colorful murals will be found through the interiors and exteriors. The original cylindrical concrete beams with their funneled-shape tops have been preserved and refurbished to be included in the new spaces. A typical open floor plan will span about 45,000 square feet but can be subdivided into smaller components depending on tenant needs.

A typical office floor. Designed by Woods Bagot

From the upper floors, views of the Manhattan skyline can be seen looking south from the revamped industrial-style windows. A lot of natural daylight will flood the space and its future occupants when it opens in the coming months.

The 30,900 square foot penthouse level on the seventh story will consist of ceilings height of 12′-1″ and a double-height space rising 20′-7″ in the eastern section of the architecture plans. This section of the design comes with clerestory windows that are on the rooftop level above allowing abundant daylight to penetrate and illuminate the penthouse level. All floors share four elevators that go from the 32,100 square foot lower level to the rooftop.

The penthouse level looking south with the clerestory windows above. Designed by Woods Bagot

The rooftop looking south towards Manhattan. Designed by Woods Bagot

Some local points of interest around the building include the Bronx Brewery, the Port Morris Distillery, the Gun Hill Brewery, Boles Studio, Silvercup Studios North and the printing facility of the New York Post.

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8 Comments on "Union Crossing at 825 East 141st Street Nearing Opening Day Amidst Residential Boom in South Bronx"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: ACCOUNT IS THIS ON ACCEPT TO ME.

  2. In this construction it will be residential apartments. If there are apartments there is a list where I could obtain information.

  3. I wonder what type of retail stores will be there. Looking forward to visiting. Is this a new type of mall mixed with business office space?

  4. bruckner expy puts 4 floors in the dark. Retail a pipe dream now. Today, pedestrians on the block don’t exist.

  5. JOHN BORRELLI JR | January 14, 2019 at 4:01 pm | Reply


    “Located in Port Morris at the corner of Bruckner Boulevard and East 141st Street, the site sits to the east of the Bruckner Expressway and to the west of the Metro North New Haven railroad tracks”. Incorrect Info. The existing right-of-way belongs to AMTRAK. Hopefully future Penn Station Access will pass through here via the future Hunts Point Metro-North Station. Thank You!

  6. Although this seems like a great project I must point out the demographics of the people in the picture being majority young whites with the exception of 4 black people. It is clearly the developers intent to make this development attractive not to the people of the community but of the people who will eventually displace them.

    • Please stop. Just stop. It’s a rendering. I get it- you’re spooked by gentrification. If y’all want the Bronx to grow, then we’re gonna have to share our space a new mix of folk. It is what it is. Love it or leave it alone. I’m a black chick from the Bronx and I think this renewal is long awaited. I really could care less about gentrification as long as Bronxites have places they can enjoy. Please with the racially tinged paranoia about moving “natives” out of their space. It’s about time the Bronx has experienced this kind of renewal.

  7. God bless you Kip

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