Construction Update: 432 Park Reaches Street Level!

Sandy may have disrupted construction at One57, but construction has continued at a very rapid pace at 432 Park Avenue. As the core of the building has continued to rise, the very first parts of the tower have now reached street-level, visible at the upper left corner of the first photo below. The camera on the 56th Street side of the project is out of commission at the moment but both of the other cameras can be viewed at the 432 Park website

The entirety of 432 Park Avenue’s core should be above street-level by the New Years. Comparing photos of construction from just over one month ago to those today, progress across the entire site is evident. Come November of 2013, New York’s future tallest–by roof–should be very visible from much of Manhattan.

432 Park Avenue Manhattan
432 Park Avenue, Image from the 432 Park cam
432 Park Avenue NYC
432 Park Avenue, Image from the 432 Park cam
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