Permits Filed for 20-Story Apartment Building at 200 East 21st Street

200 East 21st Street and 255-259 Third Avenue, image via Google Maps200 East 21st Street and 255-259 Third Avenue, image via Google Maps

Last fall, Alfa Development shelled out $69.6 million for four buildings at the corner of East 21st Street and Third Avenue in Gramercy. Now they’ve filed plans for a 20-story residential building at 200 East 21st Street.

The 210-foot-tall building would replace a collection of pre-war walk-ups on Third Avenue between 20th and 21st streets. It would have 65 apartments and 7,200 square feet of ground floor retail.

Those 65 units would be divided across 97,527 square feet of residential space, for spacious, condo-sized units averaging 1,500 square feet. Apartments would begin on the second floor and range from two to five units per story, with fewer and larger apartments on higher floors. A full-floor penthouse would fill the 20th floor.

Part of the second floor would be devoted to a lounge and fitness center. While there doesn’t appear to be a shared roof deck, apartments on the third floor would get private terraces.

BKSK Architects will design the project.

Demolition plans were filed to knock down all four buildings in November, but they haven’t yet been approved.


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7 Comments on "Permits Filed for 20-Story Apartment Building at 200 East 21st Street"

  1. jon Pellicoro | March 15, 2016 at 12:36 pm |

    Is there no end to it? The creation of caverns and shadows, The subtraction of sky and sun. The growth of greed and unaffordable housing never ends. Until the very fibre, those working people and small businesses that used to make New York what it was are driven out there will be left a city of hollow mountains. No art, no culture and no promise of anything worthwhile.

  2. no grocery markets, no shoe repairs, no small shops in any of the new buildings. People have nowhere to shop! The city should make mandatory reasonable rents for small stores. No more banks and nail parlors!!!!

  3. Richard Grayson | March 19, 2016 at 5:17 pm |

    Working around the corner at the School of Visual Arts, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this project!

  4. With the 13th Precinct and all it’s cars, together with the School of Visual Arts on East 21 Street,it will be interesting to see how the congestion works out. The NYPD will be not happy to give up spaces for the parking of official vehicles for service or entry to 65 units.

  5. How very sad for these quaint little buildings to be demolished.

  6. Julia Trilling | March 28, 2016 at 9:17 pm |

    The real estate greed in this city knows no limit. What would Jane Jacobs say about what is happening to the architectural and social fabric of NYC? We need to fight this.

  7. Developers are killing NYC! It will be just a bunch of high rises with NO character. What is wrong with the Community Boards??
    Agreed no supermarkets, shoe repair or cute stores – just more cement and glass.

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