Permits Filed: 63-98 Wetherole Street, Rego Park

63-98 Wetherole Street, image via Google Maps63-98 Wetherole Street, image via Google Maps

Rego Park has one of the strongest rental markets in central and eastern Queens, and developers are finally starting to take notice. Last week, YIMBY spotted plans for a 12-story, mixed-use building at 63-98 Wetherole Street, a couple blocks south of Queens Boulevard.

The development would replace two attached brick houses between 63rd Drive and 64th Road. The building would have 28 apartments across 20,889 square feet, creating average units that measure 746 square feet.

There would be a 6,100-square-foot daycare in the cellar and first floor, followed by a mezzanine level for the daycare and an outdoor terrace on the second floor. Apartments would start on the third story, and most floors would include four units apiece. Several apartments would be duplexes.

An eight-car garage would occupy the lowest level of the basement, which offers enough parking to satisfy the city’s requirements. But residents likely won’t need cars, because there are grocery stores, shops, and a library around the corner on 63rd Drive. Plus, the 63rd Drive-Rego Park stop on the M and R trains is only a few blocks away.

Flushing-based Jiqing Yue is listed as the owner. He purchased the 6,100-square-foot site for $595,000 in 2004, or only $22 for each square foot of his planned building. He’s tapped Yi Xia’s Fleet Architects, also headquartered in Flushing, to design the project.

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3 Comments on "Permits Filed: 63-98 Wetherole Street, Rego Park"

  1. OMG this is horrible!! There goes the neighborhood! What is wrong with these zoning people?? I almost bought a semi-attached house on 164th Street. Thank God the real estate agent was a greedy bastard and the deal fell through. A few years later the semi-attached house next door had one 1/2 of it converted into a 12-family house!! I a waiting for it to happen where I did buy. Obviously it will be sooner then I thought.

    And even if you think “residents won’t need cars” THEY WILL HAVE CARS! SHEESH.

  2. Mediawatcher | March 15, 2016 at 7:47 am |

    Wrong forum, Chicken Little! This one is called YIMBY,or Yes In My Backyard. All you NIMBY’s best avoid this site, as change is inevitable and all your negative cackling is simply a waste of time.

  3. Mediawatcher, Not all YIMBY’s are for everything. I want to see a lot of development but this kind of development is ugly and disgusting. I wish to see more mixed use and less cram use. These rental projects are honestly worse than the projects.

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