Gov. Cuomo Unveils Designs for Future of New York City Subway

Redesigned Subway StationRedesigned Subway Station. Credit: New York State

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has revealed the design for New York City’s 1,025 newly crafted subway cars, in addition to unveiling plans to renovate and upgrade 31 subway stations throughout the city. The details were presented on New York State’s website. Of the 1,025 new subway cars, 750 of them will boast accordion-like connectors to increase capacity, a configuration known as open gangway. The doors will also open wider, increasing from 50 inches in width to 58 inches, enhancing the flow of passengers. Other changes to the exterior include a slightly redesigned front with larger windows, LED headlights, and blue coloring. Amenities in the interior include Wi-Fi, USB charging stations, new digital displays and advertising, and security cameras.

Subway Car

Redesigned Subway Car. Credit: New York State

As for the renovations to 31 existing subway stations, design improvements will be made. The goal is to enhance lighting throughout the stations, upgrade signage throughout the station to increase navigability,and to install countdown clocks, Wi-Fi, seating, and artwork. This should all be done while considering and respecting the historical elements a station might have. The first three stations to be renovated will be the Prospect Avenue Station (in Gowanus on the R train), the 53rd Street Station (in Sunset Park on the R train), and the Bay Ridge Avenue Station (in Bay Ridge on the R train). The city will launch a request for proposals (RFP) for the three later this week. The RFP is expected to be awarded this fall.

Subway Station

Redesigned Subway Station. Credit: New York State

Lead designer Antenna Design and engineering consultant CH2M were behind the design of the subway cars. Grimshaw Architects and Arup are heading the renovations of the stations.

Redesigned Subway Station

Redesigned Subway Station. Credit: New York State

Redesigned Subway Station

Redesigned Subway Station. Credit: New York State

Redesigned Subway Car

Redesigned Subway Car. Credit: New York State

Redesigned Subway Car

Redesigned Subway Car. Credit: New York State

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11 Comments on "Gov. Cuomo Unveils Designs for Future of New York City Subway"

  1. Perfect an interior and exterior, full of comfortable in use and service. ( I love New York City)

  2. NO WAY, MTA!
    What riders DON’T need is FEWER seats (as is clearly shown in the photos). Plenty of us have long commutes. Don’t these “designers” ever ride the subways? Perhaps they stand in their limos?
    And the idea of security cameras in every car is just plain creepy. Finally those glass barriers replacing iron bars at subway enrances wlll just decrease badly needed ventilation.
    Just sleek catle cars, that’s all…

    • The photos show seats along the entire length of the train except where the doors are. I’m sure they’ve looked at installing seats into the doors, but this probably isn’t possible yet.

  3. What about a highly visible emergency button or intercom, and a less visually appealing break that just says “break”, or “emergency break DO NOT PULL” in order to prevent passengers from stopping the train for a medical or police emergency? What about automatic glass barriers BETWEEN the train and the platform, to prevent people from falling or throwing garbage on the tracks?

  4. Richard Grayson | July 19, 2016 at 10:55 am |

    How many seats are there in these cars compared to current subway cars? I don’t consider myself disabled, but I wear braces on my legs and so on long trips, like from Rockaway Park to Columbus Circle on the A train, people like me need to sit at least some of the time during the ride. Can’t they make some of the cars with more seats?

  5. Beverly Brooks | July 19, 2016 at 11:07 am |

    How about Heated & Air Conditioned station platforms like in other cities?

  6. How about not change the style of the subway. The subway has so much beauty and potential. The only thing I really like out of this is the wi fi.

  7. Bronx Resident | July 20, 2016 at 3:17 am |

    These are good improvements, some better than others. Wider doors will definitely reduce dwell time at stations, allowing people to move more quickly into and out of cars. Articulated cars are great and will allow for higher capacities. Real time information regarding arrivals and delays is ovedue for station entrances and within the stations themselves. Sucks to enter and pay and then find out their is a serious delay.

    Good stuff all around though it the MTA must roll out CBTC much faster.

  8. I don’t see any improvement on the seats – they are too small as it is now.

  9. Haruki Chou | July 20, 2016 at 8:33 am |

    platform much too narrow.. Why so narrow?

  10. I’m all for newly designed cars and stations wig added amenities, but can’t we give the design a bit of flair? I mean come on. Sure it’s serviceable, but it is not special. So many other cities, like Naples and Paris, designed charm and use craftsmanship in the designs. This looks like another cost saving design that will be forgettable in a few years.

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