LED Crown Atop 73-Story One57 Illuminated for First Time

157 West 57th Street157 West 57th Street. Photo at left by chused via the YIMBY Forums -- rendering at right via One57 website.

YIMBY’s last update on One57 — the 73-story mixed-use tower, with 92 condominiums perched above a 210-key Park Hyatt Hotel, at 157 West 57th Street, in Midtown — was back in August of 2014. At the time, the removal of sidewalk shedding was underway, which signaled that construction had been completed. One last element, however, wasn’t revealed until earlier this week: the structure’s LED crown that faces Central Park. The western half was turned on, as seen in a photo posted to the YIMBY Forums. Renderings have long suggested an illuminated crown on the 1,005-foot-tall tower, which was designed by Paris-based Atelier Christian de Portzamparc. Extell Development Company developed One57. Per a count done in the spring, 38 condos remained unsold.

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7 Comments on "LED Crown Atop 73-Story One57 Illuminated for First Time"

  1. At night at light at One57 (73-story mixed-use tower), with its height on head prominent in the heart. (of city)

  2. Cheramie Mondesire | September 16, 2016 at 10:03 am |

    It resembles a periscope. Is that supposed to be esthetically pleasing and innovative? Just because something is possible, doesn’t mean you should do it. Enough with these unattractive mega-towers.

  3. This looks simply FABULOUS! Great job, how romantic.

  4. Exceedingly vulgar, “Vegas-y”. The southerly view from the bucolic, naturalistic precinct which is Central Park has long been terminated by an iconic assemblage of romantic, landscape-evocative towers which have served to extend the theme of the Park beyond its strict boundaries outward and upward. The whole has long offered a sense of place and scenary quintessentially restful, traditional and noble New York — a sense of place quite different and apart from the hurly-burly, bright-light, commercial garishness of the Times Square district further to the south.
    This duality has long stood as a wonderful aspect of living in and experiencing New York. Time Warner Center was the first lamentable transgression, placing (imposing) two tortured, remarkably awkward, ineptly designed towers clad in reflective glass and topped by led gimmickry on the southeast corner of the Park. Now we have this cloddish monumental “digit” also clad in reflective glass, looming over the traditional iconic view offering an led lighted “nail” to entirely disrupt the important thematic cohesiveness that has long existed. Who on earth has allowed such sense-of-place-blind design ineptness to be exercised here? Anybody driving this bus?

  5. Wow, illumination from WithiN the MasSive Ventilation ShaFt!
    I’m now inspired to put a light bulb inside my air condoning unit!

  6. It is NYC folks…get over your anti glass clad towers and it should not be built because it disturbs your romantic fantasy of Central Park. It is wonderful there is this unprecedented building boom in NYC with many new tall towers reaching into the sky. NYC is the true metropolis.

  7. It is NYC indeed, modernist rubes, get over your ignorance and get 21c competent. No longer the adolescent 20c. Absolutely nothing ‘revolutionary’ about ‘glass’ cladding in this era.. Been there, done that. THAT ‘romance’ came and went with the last century. This century is now about intelligence, diversity and adaptation to the applicable ‘genius loci’ not the cranking out of crude schtick.

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