88-Story, 391-Unit Residential Tower 15 Hudson Yards Rises to Eighth Floor

15 Hudson Yards15 Hudson Yards. Rendering via Related Companies.

Construction is now eight stories above street level on the 88-story (70 real floors), 391-unit residential tower under development at 15 Hudson Yards, located on the corner of West 30th Street and Eleventh Avenue, in the Hudson Yards district. Progress on the tower can be seen thanks to photos posted to the YIMBY Forums. Building permits indicate the 910-foot-tall project will eventually measure 980,274 square feet.

15 Hudson Yards

15 Hudson Yards. Photo by Tectonic via the YIMBY Forums.

Its residential units will spread across the 12th through 66th floors, averaging 1,893 square feet apiece. There will be 285 condominiums, with the remaining 106 units (roughly 37 percent of the total) designated as affordable housing. The Shed, a performance venue, can be seen under construction directly east of 15 Hudson Yards. Related Companies is the developer. Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Ismael Leyva Architects (also the architect of record), and Rockwell Group are the design architects. Occupancy is expected in late 2018.

15 Hudson Yards

15 Hudson Yards. Photo by Tectonic via the YIMBY Forums.

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6 Comments on "88-Story, 391-Unit Residential Tower 15 Hudson Yards Rises to Eighth Floor"

  1. Must record the progress on Hudson Yards, many towers are all supertall with the biggest and expensive.

  2. So, this tower is going to exceed the 10 Hudson Yards, 895 feet, 52 stories, on 15 feet taller. And comparable with 61 story, 702 feet tall 3 Manhattan West next door, I mean across booming 10th Avenue construction. Only things, if you looking from Penn Station Eight Avenue exit on 31 st street, you see 3 Manhattan West and 200 feet taller 10 Hudson Yards like the same height, since it’s downhill for Hudson Yards platform over East Yard for LIRR. So, even when tallest 30 Hudson yards, 1296 feet and 90 floors, (actually only 72 constructed floors over the ground) will be finished up it wouldn’t be dominated on the skyline over 1250 feet ESB with his 102/87 floors. That’s why it’s important not to overbuilt towers taller than 1550 feet in the islands. If you don’t want to lose a dominant position for older art deco ESB AND NEW WTC1, what’s if without spire only 1368 feet tall. Same like new 1 Vanderbilt, 1,301 feet without spire and its sure 58 floors over the ground. Or 958 feet BOA Tower without spire, and 51/55 floors up. Or 821 feet NYT building without spire. THIS ACTUALLY WHAT’S NEWEST SKYSCRAPERS LOOKS UP, WITHOUT COUNTING EMPTY SPACE WITH SPIRE. IT’S NOT FAIR TO CONSTRUCT TOWER WITH 800-900 FEET UP AND CLAIM IT AS SUPERTALL JUST BECAUSE OF SPIRE, EVEN CHRYSLER BUILDING SHOULD BE ONLY 926 FEET HIGH WITHOUT 110 FEET PLUS SPIRE. And while illumonated at night spire made building as a landmark and attractive, it’s not fair to count 52 story and 821 feet tall NYT as supertall due for 210 feet stick what’s not even illuminated at night!!!

  3. For marketing purposes the developers often called up their tall skyscrapers with more floors, than actually being built, based usually as 10-12 feet per floor for residentials or up to 15-18 feet for commercial towers. Actually 10 Hudson claimed as 52 story, have only 47 floors constructed over the ground, 30 Hudson claims of 92 stories, only would have 72 constructed floors. So, now 30 Hidson with 25 construcred floors and first stepback its sure is 1/3 up to their 1296 feet. Anyway, it’s pretty tall even for 10 Hudson Yards with 895 feet up from street level, btw it’s almost same as famous Citicorp building on Lexington with 915 feet and 59 stories. On Four Legs, and 10 Hudson Yards looming 45 plus stories up over unfinished High Line 10 th Avenue Spur. And it’s dominant position already on its place if you looking from Weehawken, NJ or from High Line South. So, 900 feet is almost true supertall mark for NYC at least. Even cut off point is from 984 feet. Sorry, but we are not a China yet, and why we should. THANKS GOD THE MANHATTAN PLATO IS STILL SUPPORTING TO BUILT UP TO 1600 FEET TALL TOWERS, NOT INCLUDING SPIRES. REALLY, DO WE CALL BUILDING SUPERTALL IF WE PUT 300 FEET SPIRE ON THE TOP OF 684 FEET TOWER???

  4. IF AT LEAST BOFA 958 FEET TOWER HAVE AN ILLUMINATED AT NIGHT SPIRE, BTW NEARBY CONDE NAST 841 FEET HAVE THIS TOO, WHILE NYT TOWER HAVE A 200 FEET PLUS metal STICK over it’s parapet screen at 821 feet and roof top at 728 feet. Why we call that building with 821 feet street wall high as a supertall, just because of 210 feet add to this thin metal stick, what’s Renzo Piano architects didn’t even bother to illuminate at night. So, this building is officially taller, at 1034 feet with stick including over the 895 feet rooftop of 10 Hudson Yards!!!

  5. Same applied to 30 Hudson Yards what’s actually would have a rooftop at 1296 feet just a 74 feet lower than “tallest tower in western hemisphere” WTC Freedom Tower 1 with her 1368 feet and 400 feet antenna up to 1776 feet symbolic height!!!

  6. 72 feet lower, made a mistake. But WTC claims as 104 story building, is ridiculous, only 78 or 79 constructed floors. 104 only for marketing purposes and for making this tower over 100 floors. THE Floor counts FOR 1 WTC, A 168 feet 1 story lobby and high podium, then floor #20 and following 69 stories of commercial office floors, then 5 mechanical floors and 3 story high observation floors. A Total 78 or 79. So first 19 floors is a 168 feet high podium without any constructed floors, or may count as 1 or 2 floors. And then 1200 feet for 77 constructed floors. This how tallest in NYC and Western Hemisphere tower at 1776 feet looks.

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