985-Foot-Tall, 2.9-Million-Square-Foot Office Tower 50 Hudson Yards Lands Anchor Tenant

50 Hudson Yards50 Hudson Yards, with 30 Hudson Yards (at right) and the No. 7 Subway. Credit: Related-Oxford

After two years of negotiations, Related Companies has reached a deal to lease 15 contiguous floors, or 850,000 square feet, to BlackRock, the investment management corporation, at its planned 2.9-million-square-foot, 985-foot-tall office tower 50 Hudson Yards. The building is located along Tenth Avenue, between West 33rd and 34th streets, in the Hudson Yards district.

50 Hudson Yards

50 Hudson Yards, along Tenth Avenue. Credit: Related-Oxford

Foster + Partners is designing the 58-story structure, revealed in these renderings. The deal includes up to $25 million in tax credits for BlackRock, the New York Times reported. Oxford Properties Group is partnered with Related as a co-developer. The site is occupied by a collection of low- to mid-rise properties, all of which have demolition permits in place. New building applications have not been filed at this time, although completion is expected in 2022.

50 Hudson Yards

Current structures at 50 Hudson Yards assemblage. Image via Google Maps.

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4 Comments on "985-Foot-Tall, 2.9-Million-Square-Foot Office Tower 50 Hudson Yards Lands Anchor Tenant"

  1. What words do you want to suggest?..(no), perfect design and must see site at the bottom. (Hudson Yards)

  2. At 985 feet, is a just a feet over the cut off point to be a supertall, 984 feet or over. It’s a slight reducing of height, originally was said to be 1067 feet and floors, from 62 to 58. However even 1 Vanderbilt got that reduction too, from 67 to 58 for numbers of floors and for 100 feet for rooftop, now to be 1,301, from 1,401 originally said! Same applied to 30 Hudson, from 1337 feet to 1296 feet, 3 WTC, now just at 1075 feet, 53w53 at 1050 feet, down from 1250 feet… Design is bland, but all supertall and tall office towers are bland too, except only landmarked Citicorp, Bank of America 1 Bryant Park, 1 Vanderbilt, 10 and 30 Hudson Yards, and 1 WTC, 4 WTC, 5 Times Square, 11 Times Square, Hearst Tower on 8th, and several postmodern towers, including just across MoMa miseum, 29 story granite covered, and Americans Tower on 6th Avenue, 50 story, and of course my favorite Worldwide Center Tower, on 8th Avenue, not bad a 4 Tower Complex, a former World Financial Center, and 16 story Federal Court Building in Brooklyn, also IAC 10 story near High Line, and 26 story tower at corner 5th Avenue and 42nd street, and newer UN complex built in 1970s. You may add Random House, Bloomberg Tower 1 Beacon, International Tower on Lexington and 59st, Lipstick Building, Time Warner Center, several post moderns on 3rd Avenue, and on Water street, and 55 Liberty street, since his design is interesting too. So, this 895 feet and 58 stories office tower, 50 Hudson Yards, is bland, but not worse than nearby 55 Hudson Yards, 51 story and at 780 feet, just across Hudson Boulevard and 7 train station entrance.

  3. Generally bland, but not worse design, much better than 55 Hudson Yards or 250 West 55 street!

  4. This is a final Tower of 6 tower complex of East Yard, Phase 1 of Hudson Yards. And third one not standing over platform. Generally it’s 9 building for Phase 1, including Sheed, 7 level mall, and 15 stories of stairs “sculpture”, 2 residential/hotel towers and 4 office towers. The West Yard platform is not yet even started and include a school and residential towers only. 3 Hudson Blvd tower isn’t included, located in Hudson Yards District, a separate neighborhood, 80/20 residential.

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