Revealed: 125 Edgewater Street, Three-Building, 400-Unit Residential Project in Rosebank, Staten Island

125 Edgewater Street, rendering by Caliendo Architects125 Edgewater Street, rendering by Caliendo Architects

A massive residential development is poised to reshape a sleepy stretch of industrial waterfront in Rosebank, along the eastern shore of Staten Island. YIMBY has the first look at the complex, which will stretch across three buildings and 18 acres at 125 Edgewater Street.

Developer V Capital Management hopes to rezone the site between Greenfield Avenue and Sylvation Terrace to make way for half a million square feet of apartments and retail space. The firm wants to erect three buildings with nearly 400 apartments on a vacant lot where the city currently only allows manufacturing.

These renderings, by Gerald Caliendo Architects, come from V Capital’s zoning application filed with the Department of City Planning. The buildings would be 13-, 12- and six stories tall and hold a total of 371 or 396 apartments, depending on which plan makes it through the public review process. The first proposal calls for a development that includes 24,000 square feet of retail but fewer apartments. The second plan would have more apartments, but would lack retail, which could boost street life on a fairly dead stretch of waterfront. Regardless of how many apartments get built, the development would have a 346-car parking lot.

Twenty percent of the apartments would rent for below-market rates to families making up to 80 percent of the Area Median Income, or $78,336 for a family of three.

Eventually, the Edgewater Street complex will offer a landscaped, 60,000-square-foot public esplanade, linking to a longer stretch of public waterfront planned in Stapleton. The city is also planning a fairly dramatic rezoning just north of here along Bay Street in Stapleton and Tompkinsville. If that proposal moves forward, it will bring buildings as tall as 16 stories to the North Shore.

If approved, the developer expects construction to begin the fall of 2017 and wrap by the end of 2019.

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24 Comments on "Revealed: 125 Edgewater Street, Three-Building, 400-Unit Residential Project in Rosebank, Staten Island"

  1. Smashing location is waterfront and three buildings in Staten Island, deeply pierced on the complex all about apartments.

  2. Wow! What A GREAT Addition To The Staten Island Housing Scene! Much Needed! And Great Looking Buildings To Boot!!! I Am Thinking Probably Not Too FAr From The Soon To Be Opened EMPIRE OUTLETS! Creating Much Needed JOBS and HOUSING For Staten Island Residents! A WIN-WIN!!!!

  3. staten islander | January 11, 2017 at 10:08 am |

    Staten Island’s limited water/sewer/road infrastructure cannot handle developments of this size. Doubtful the Staten Island council delegation will support the rezoning.

  4. This development will need way more than 346 parking spaces for 400 apartments. Staten Island is car dependent because it’s more spread out. Not unusual for SI couples to own 2 vehicles. My guess is that 450 parking spaces is more realistic, but event hat may not be enough. Now there’s on street parking around there but those surrounding blocks are still kind of desolate.

  5. William Steiner | January 11, 2017 at 4:35 pm |

    Traffic in this area is already unbearable never mind the lack of parking and the big one of over crowded schools.

  6. Yes,let’s keep building right up to the waters edge. Everyone knows global warming is a hoax, and a storm like Sandy will never ever happen again.

    • Absolutely build close to the waterfront!! Take advantage of that real estate as everywhere else in the city has!

  7. So excited to see Staten Island turning the corner!! We welcome the much needed changes to our waterfront as there is so much to take advantage of! I love the design and pedestrian use of the esplanade is fabulous!! Much better than the tides on the south shore waterfront overlooking New Jersey chemical plants!! Plus, it’s walking distance to the train which is perfect for city commuting and vicinity to the empire outlets and other developments. The area needs this to revive itself. Bring the people and the city will respond with schools and services!! Something has to start the change. V capital is simply taking the lead here! Can’t wait to see it!!

  8. Coupled with the city’s plans for Bay street, and the link to the Stapleton esplanade, this could be a vibrant and welcome change for this area and Staten Island!

  9. Coupled with the city’s plans to change the area around Bay Street and the public waterfront in Stapleton, this should be a vibrant and welcome change to an otherwise forgotten area. Great news!

  10. Looks very impressive. Looking forward to seeing the finished product

  11. A vote for progress go big in STATEN island

  12. This will be great and much needed and with expanded public/private ferry service gives us another transportation alternative to/from SI. Apartments are hard to find on SI

  13. A great idea, but do your best to build it with unionized workers. The initial cost might be more, but it will be done on time, and with rising interest rates, it will benefit the developer. It will be built the right way with pride and will last years longer than if it was built non-Union where short cuts were taking place. Look at the big picture when building.

  14. Sound like a great idea what about Job opportunities for the community ?

  15. what a great idea. staten island is the new north Williamsburg. only with less poloution

  16. ever notice how the stretch of bay street from broad to fingerboard is so poorly lit and the street lamps are outdated and yellow? such a depressing area, the sewer lines need updating and the schools need improvement or the addition of another grammar school. I’m all for the project but the local infrastructure needs some work if they expect this supposed gentrification to take place.

  17. I’m all for it as long as the local infrastructure is upgraded to support the new construction. More consistent bus service on Bay street, better lighting in the area (the street lights are dingy and should be upgraded (lights or lenses). How about another public school to alleviate overcrowding? I would also hope that their plans include some of the city’s recommendations for design for excellence and any proposals for berms, green infrastructure, etc… are not cost reduced because of overruns in construction costs. Adding buildings is great, developing the shoreline is fantastic but let’s make sure that the surrounding areas benefit from his addition and not make these building a nugget of gold in a pile of crap.

  18. staten islander | January 26, 2017 at 1:09 pm |

    Another reason why this project will be opposed by Staten Islanders –

  19. Karen Fiasco | January 29, 2017 at 2:43 pm |

    I don’t think they will need many parking spaces – Section 8 gives free bus passes.

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