Renderings Revealed for 702 Grand Concourse, South Bronx

702 Grand Concourse702 Grand Concourse, rendering by Aufgang Architects

The Bronx boom continues apace, and today, YIMBY has the reveal for building two of the Concourse Village West affordable housing project, designed by Aufgang Architects, which will rise at 702 Grand Concourse, in Concourse Village.

The structure will rise 14 floors and 133 feet high, and create roughly 47,000 square feet for its 57 units, averaging 825 square feet apiece.

The design combines both traditional and contemporary touches, with art-deco accents on the ground-floor pillars, and a rounded window corner rising twelve stories, all with an otherwise rigid façade. The structure also contains a mix of colors and materials, with a gold-colored accent on the ground floor, red and grey bricks rising up the vertical section overlooking the sidewalk, and a three-story concrete accent up on top.

“My colleagues and I are very proud of our long track record designing affordable housing for New Yorkers,” said Ariel Aufgang, AIA, principal of Aufgang Architects.

Monthly rent for the units will vary from $623 per month for a one-bedroom to $1028 per month for a two bedroom, with terrace.

Concourse Village West is developing the project, and groundbreaking occurred in mid-September of this year. Within the three-building complex’s 265 units, 100 will be permanently affordable, as part of Mayor Bill De Blasio’s ten-year plan to create 200,000 affordable units.

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16 Comments on "Renderings Revealed for 702 Grand Concourse, South Bronx"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | October 16, 2017 at 6:50 am | Reply

    Yeah!..I adhere two differences on the 14 floors.

  2. Wow such low rent. What gives?

    • Believe they are all affordable?

    • Developers get all kinds of breaks from the city to keep pushing low income people into the South Bronx and Central Brooklyn.

      • Our city government is actively trying to keep to poorest urban county in America impoverished because that’s apparently what the Bronx needs. Those rents are about half of market rate in the neighborhood. The city also recently built a homeless intake facility on E 153rd and Walton. The homeless population in the neighborhood has ballooned since then. It is so frustrating watching the city lower the quality of life in a neighborhood where the area residents are trying so hard to improve it. It’s fairly evident that our city government doesn’t want the Bronx to succeed. They need to use somewhere as their dumping ground. Spending $150K+ per apartment for brand new housing slated for perpetually unemployed long term drug addicts within the city limits. Does that sound too ridiculous to be true? Well the City of New York is funding things like this in Morris Heights which ironically is known to be a hotbed for narcotics distribution. Well those new apartments in Morris Heights will definitely be a success for those new tenants. They’ll never have to travel far to get their fix.

        • rosemary rogers | October 16, 2017 at 8:21 pm | Reply

          you sound like you only want a certain clientele of people to live in this neighborhood. drugs are available on the upper east side all the way down to the bowery.. you are taking a group of people and now using this group to make a point… which has no bearing on the situation at hand. everybody is not a drug user or abuser.. just like yourself decent affordable housing should not be deemed a luxury but a neccesity. everybody dont and cant make the monies necessary to live in the so called better quality neighborhoods as you seem to think they are, be glad you have a place to stay which you can apparently afforded and stop railing on those less fortunate than you are. drug users and abusers come from all walks of life not just in morris heights.. who are you to determine where someone should live? jusst the fact that affordable housing is such a explosive issue in new york city says alot.. new york is not just for the well to do but all citizens should be able to live where they want not where they are told or to some area which is not fit for human habitation.. so you have alot to say and is a great part of the homeless population in new york city with your secular frame of mind.. don’t be part of the problem but be part of the situation..
          easy for you to sit back and say what you like or don’t from the warmthm of a frontroom or a bedroom.. thank god you don’t have to sleep on a stone pillow, maybe you should… perhaps you would have a better understanding of what it truly means to be homeless. all this not in my neighborhood bullcrap is vanity at it’s best.. by the way it’s not your neighborhood , you probably did nothing to gain such a cornerstone in life… if your so bothered by whats around you, then perhaps it is you who needs to move in neighborhood that is truly yours… unemployed long term drug addicts is not all affordable housing is built for as you theorize.. you have law abiding, college educated, long term employed , tax paying, voting individuals who need affordable housing.. like i said drugs and its abusers are in all five boroughs, each can claim its borough is the worst. you got junkies on the upper east side looking for a fix on the lower east side. the rich depend on the poor to get high just as the poor supplies it to them.. very narrow thinking here….

          • Rosemary – you are right- but the point is since the 1960’s the South Bronx was PURPOSELY made a dumping ground. People forget Manhattan had many poor areas. How much low income housing was built??? Why? Policy decisions. That is a fact. They wanted the poor in certain areas and it is still true today – just more subtle. Being in a ghetto does NOT help poor people. If you really want to help the poor – then disperse them. Deblasio doesn’t want them in Park Slope.

          • William Ginorio | May 24, 2018 at 12:39 pm |

            You’re obviously not from here. So you wouldn’t know what it is the communities of the South Bronx needs.. more real affordable projects subsidize housing is needed here. Not condos or luxury rentals. Here other than drug addicts we breed working tax payers who need to live near a printer to commute to work. The middle and lower income citizens have to live somewhere. How about leaving the Bronx as the last affordable borough. We provide lots of service and tax dollars or this city. You have downtown bk and now LIC. I’m guessing condos would help push is out and bring a different more ” prestigious” group would clean up.

        • Bronxite – you are correct… And certain Bronx city council members are in collusion. They like having a dependent population because it keeps them in power.

        • Bronxite– Great statement. The City deceives their residents into thinking they’re doing them favors but in reality all they’re doing is filling the neighborhoods with homeless and drug addicts which lead to market depreciation in upcoming neighborhoods.

  3. How do you apply for housing?

  4. What are they going to do with the Poultry slaughterhouse next door? I’d feel for them downwind!

  5. The rent is very affordable now, in a few years it will skyrocket. These apartments will not be rent stabilized.

  6. Where can I obtain an application?

  7. I have apply with this company I about 4 time I would love to hear from you .

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