Rendering Revealed for 165 Malcolm X Boulevard, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

165 Malcolm X Boulevard, rendering courtesy IMC Architecture165 Malcolm X Boulevard, rendering courtesy IMC Architecture

Bedford-Stuyvesant continues to see an influx of new development filling in its urban gaps, and adding new residential to the area. One such project is 165 Malcolm X Boulevard. The six-story residential building will rise just eight blocks away from the Gates Avenue subway station, serviced by the J, M, and Z trains. An anonymous LLC is responsible for the development.

A new rendering out for the project reveals the boldly simplistic masonry façade, with floor-to-ceiling windows studded by raised bricks.

Principal Architect Dominick Casale of IMC Architecture told YIMBY “our attempt here was to design contextually by playing with the traditional aesthetic of brick to create a contemporary Brooklyn residence.”

It’s undeniable that the styling of the building should age well with its neighboring buildings. Masonry buildings are pervasive throughout the neighborhood. Along with a minimalist style, the new addition will also include three terraces, made distinct with black metal panels.

The 66-foot-tall structure will yield 10,640 square feet within, with 7,420 square feet dedicated to residential use. The building will create ten apartments, averaging 742 square feet apiece, suggesting rentals.

Tenants will have a ground floor lobby and fitness center. One top-floor apartment will be a duplex unit, extending upwards into penthouse space.

165 Malcolm X Boulevard, via Google Maps

165 Malcolm X Boulevard, via Google Maps

Demolition permits have not yet been filed for the existing structure, and the estimated completion date has not been announced.

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3 Comments on "Rendering Revealed for 165 Malcolm X Boulevard, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Favor facade of building for development in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

  2. I dont understand how this works so an annomus llc sounds very fishy and maybe getting extra money for the application not fair for the rest of us …i will be writing to the BBB THIS IS FRAUD

    • A. Nonymo US Development Group, LLC | March 28, 2018 at 2:43 pm | Reply

      I Rodriguez – An anonymous LLC, even when it’s misspelled, is actually a regular LLC that has been created in one of the states that does not require you to disclose the managers or the members of the LLC. There is no legal difference between a “regular LLC” and an “anonymous LLC”. However, the “anonymous LLC” does not disclose the ownership information of the LLC. You will also see/hear anonymous LLC’s referred to as “private LLC’s” and “confidential LLC’s”. There are multitudes of misconceptions surrounding anonymous LLC’s and a quick Google search will reveal a myriad of misinformation. Here are some of the most common misconceptions debunked:

      1. Anonymous LLC’s Allow Tax Avoidance. WRONG – Anonymous LLC’s are actually taxed the same as any other LLC. That said, LLC’s do offer tax advantages for business owners.

      2. Anonymous LLC’s are Totally Untraceable. WRONG – The average person will not find out the name of the individual and/or company behind the LLC. However, if you’re a savvy individual with an internet connection, anything’s possible.

      3. Anonymous LLC’s are Shady. WRONG – Choosing an anonymous LLC is a great option for anyone looking to preserve their privacy. Many business owners and investors choose anonymity for legitimate reasons, including victims of previous abuse or harassment, landowners and property owners trying to avoid brokers and/or tenants from bypassing landlords, greater asset protection, competitor avoidance, etc.

      I hope that helps clears it up for you.

      A. Nonymo

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