Phipps Houses Plans Major Development at 62-27 108th Street in Forest Hills, Queens

Phipps Houses, a major developer in the affordable housing market, has filed plans for a new, three-building development in Forest Hills, Queens. When complete, the project will introduce 298 new apartments, community facilities, and a four-story parking garage to the neighborhood.

Located at 62-27 108th Street, the development will replace one of four co-op buildings formerly owned by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

One of the mixed-use buildings will rise 13 stories tall and contain 115 residential units, with a total build area of about 132,000 square feet. The second will comprise 200,000 square feet and rise to 17 stories, with an additional 183 units. Both will contain unspecified community facilities.

The third building will comprise a four-story parking garage, but permits filed do not specify how many spaces or vehicles the enclosure is designed to contain.

Curtis + Ginsberg Architects, an award-winning, local firm, will oversee design of all three buildings.

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3 Comments on "Phipps Houses Plans Major Development at 62-27 108th Street in Forest Hills, Queens"

  1. How can I apply for an apartment at 62-27 108th. Street Forest hills. thanks

  2. The history of this complex is interesting along with the reason for it’s ability to leave the NYCHA. This was the first, and I believe only Co-op managed by the NYCHA. It was originally part of a scattered plot plan for new NYCHA properties in middle class white neighborhoods. Community opposition got it’s height cut in half, senior designation, and the co-op component with the ability to leave after 40 years.

    At first I thought of it as good for the existing tenents and surrounding neighbors, but bad for future eligible residents. But considering that Phipps is adding density and will create more accessable mixed income housing, it’s probably good for most.

    The four-story parking garage seems like overkill though. But Phipps could always redevlop it in the future.

  3. as a senior resident, here several years, I was never informed of the 40-year “lease” from the City, only that the complex was managed privately. This proposed plan to disrupt the entire neighborhood is bad bad bad for everyone. First of all, it is NOT a coop in any sense of the word, never has been, and never will be. It was in name only. Maintenance has been sketchy to say the least, with Phipps being one of the worst managers ever. The noise of the airplanes and the highways is deafening already, with 3 12 story buildings. To consider going any higher with LaGuardia planes already riding low over the buildings, one can often read their tail numbers; not to mention the thought of years of the construction noise. I can only think Phipps is trying to kill off the present tenants or get them to move, not that some of us have anywhere to go. I think Phipps is an Evil Evil company, and certainly does not deserve 501-C3 status. Its management through the years has been rude,especially to elderly and disabled tenants, and seems incapable of fixing basic things like elevators and ventilation systems, not to mention an unwillingness to do anything about the illicit drug problems which plague all 3 buildings. If I had family or place to go I would be out of here in a minute. The only problem is they are now telling me that this crappy apt. is “worth” $1500″ market value. More than my social security check. So how is anything “affordable” anymore; it’s all a ponzi scheme, involving politicians and corrupt HUD and other agents, especially PHIPPS, which should be examined for RICO statute violations.

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