Foundation Work Making Steady Progress for Brooklyn’s First Supertall at 9 Dekalb Avenue, in Downtown Brooklyn

9 DeKalb Avenue9 DeKalb Avenue. Rendering by SHoP Architects

As seen through the green construction netting on-site, large hollow steel pilings are now sitting in the cold weather waiting to be driven into the ground by two piling machines at 9 DeKalb Avenue. Designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS Development and the Chetrit Group, excavation and foundation work for the 1,066-foot-tall supertall is making steady headway in Downtown Brooklyn.

Large steel pilings stacked and lined along the outer perimeter of 9 DeKalb Avenue ready to be placed into the ground soon. Photo by Michael Young

The site of 9 DeKalb Avenue looking west at the exposed northern wall and a pile driver in the middle of the pit. Photo by Michael Young

Excavation is steadily making its way further down below street level while carefully unearthing the underside of the original existing walls for the Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank. A mixture of new diagonal steel bracings are being placed among the old steel structure in order to hold the northern flank, while excavation and construction progress behind and below. The bare concrete walls seen behind the pile driving machine in the photos above show where the landmarked and preserved lobby will meet with the ground floor of the new supertall.

The underside of the northern flank revealing a dense assemblage of steel columns and beams holding up the wall above. Photo by Michael Young

The light and shadow casted on the northern wall of the Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank looking west. Photo by Michael Young

When complete, dark-colored bronze and glass panels will enclose the reinforced concrete structure, and anchor the tower as the newest and tallest focal point in the Downtown Brooklyn skyline. The building could rise above street level sometime in the second half of 2019. This is the sixth-tallest project under construction in New York City and the tallest in Brooklyn.

Completion of 9 DeKalb Avenue is expected sometime in 2021.

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13 Comments on "Foundation Work Making Steady Progress for Brooklyn’s First Supertall at 9 Dekalb Avenue, in Downtown Brooklyn"

  1. Please pardon me for using your space: Hide my handsome (I think) by UV 400 protection I can see progress appearing on your details reported. If blank ground and blank building I get angry as project planned and agreement. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  2. (Thanks to Michael Young)

  3. Just throwing this out there YIMBY, but I and I think others would rather see completion updates for random smaller projects from months ago than essentially a “no news” update on a high profile like this one. Love the site…

  4. I was beginning to think this was a “no go” project. Good to learn it is a work in progress. Keep us updated.

  5. Devoted YIMBY reader | February 11, 2019 at 12:37 pm | Reply

    Going to agree with NFA comment. I’m not seeing much of an update here vs. the story that ran on December 26, the one that ran on Nov. 6, and the one on Aug. 29. I’m looking forward to seeing this rise, but so far, there doesn’t seem to be much to report. How about an update on 540 Fulton, 2 blocks away, which seems to actually be getting off the ground. And what’s going on across the street ? That block is being torn down little by little.

  6. just wait for the new tenants to move in these new high risers they won’t be voting the way the older voters did and will completely turn the elections when they vote

  7. Glad people are realizing how many years this job has been sitting and how agonizingly slow and ineffieicient JDS is as construction management company. They must have a top notch marketing team on retainer.

  8. It looks like they’re aiming to rise above street level when the next recession hits. This project is horrifically slow, you’d think they were trying to preserve Grand Central or something.

  9. OMG More progress! Very exciting! If this gets completed, I feel it’s almost guaranteed to be among the most famous skyscrapers in NYC. Love the update 🙂

  10. Glad to see that the building is only an addition to the Dime Savings Bank. (Tongue in cheek)

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