YIMBY Tours 125 Greenwich Street As Rafael Vinoly’s First Lower Manhattan Skyscraper Officially Tops Out At 912′

125 Greenwich Street looking east from West Street at golden hour. Photo by Michael Young

Above the Financial District, 125 Greenwich Street rises as a slender 88-story residential skyscraper. Designed by Rafael Vinoly and developed by Bizzi & Partners and Vector Group, the 912-foot tall glass and concrete structure has topped out. The 273 residential units are being marketed by Douglas Elliman, while the interiors are being designed by March & White. YIMBY recently got to go on a tour of the upcoming construction, capturing views from the very top.

The Financial District from the top of 125 Greenwich Street. Photo by Michael Young

(from left to right) Brooklyn Point, One Clinton Street and 11 Hoyt rising above Downtown Brooklyn. Photo by Michael Young

One Manhattan Square rising above the Lower East Side and 130 William Street towering in the Financial District. Photo by Michael Young

The Woolworth Building. Photo by Michael Young

One World Trade Center. Photo by Michael Young

The Statue of Liberty and the crown of 50 West Street. Photo by Michael Young

99 Hudson Hudson Street towering over Jersey City. Photo by Michael Young

Although it may not count as a supertall, the height of 125 Greenwich Street is still very impressive for the Financial District. To view the elegantly curved glass corners and full profile of the skyscraper, the best vantage point is from the 9/11 Memorial. It is ideal to look directly south from the northern corners of the North and South Tower reflecting pools.

125 Greenwich Street seen from the 9/11 Memorial. Photo by Michael Young

The 912-foot tall pinnacle of 125 Greenwich Street is designed and intended to fit within the context of the surrounding high-rises, particularly the heights of the three skyscrapers rising from the 16-acre World Trade Center site. In order of stature, Vinoly’s tower is among the shortest near the World Trade Center when visually lined up with Four, Three and One World Trade Center. This hierarchy creates a smooth balance to the cityscape so that the elevation blends with the old and new buildings on the tip of Manhattan.

The height of Three and Four World Trade Center and 125 Greenwich Street gradually step down in elevation. Photo by Michael Young

On a sunny afternoon, the most visual aspect of the building is the light shining off the rounded glass corners. They will create a continuous wrap-around view for residents looking out from all four corners.

125 Greenwich Street looking east. Rendering by March & White

The podium floors will soon include several lofty units. Above that, is the reflective curtain wall on the eastern and western sides, which is notably divided by an outdoor mechanical section. Tall, concrete walls extend past the roof parapet and create the crown of the building. They are an extension of the exterior core walls that run up the northern and southern facades, almost resembling the appearance of a zipper. Large oversized square windows are placed in the centerline of every level.

Back at ground level, the podium section will be among the final portion of the tower to be finished once the exterior mechanical elevator shaft is disassembled. A mix of reflective glass and dark-colored panels will enclose the lower floors.

125 Greenwich Street will be complete in 2020.

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17 Comments on "YIMBY Tours 125 Greenwich Street As Rafael Vinoly’s First Lower Manhattan Skyscraper Officially Tops Out At 912′"


  2. Jack Liberman | March 7, 2019 at 9:20 am | Reply

    This is classical example what’s happening with building supposed to be as high as 1345 feet. Now only 912 feet and looks like chopped!!! It is, site permitted this structure to be much taller than “912 feet”. Don’t feeled, same as 53West53, with chopped 200 feet from original 1250′ down to just 1050′. This one had chopped staggering 400 feet, by evil city hall uber socialist, who think that is in Downtown or Midtown Manhattan only 800-900 feet is maximum height limit, according to their obsolete century old books… That’s example poor government inefficiency in almost everything, ruining business opportunity for benefits of all citizens!!!

    • Well said, big applause!

      • Jack Liberman | March 8, 2019 at 3:33 am | Reply

        Still count as pretty tall at 912 feet, and in first ten of tallest building in Downtown Manhattan. I liked a view from it to WTC Freedom Tower, and his sibling WTC7,rooftop of WTC is 1368′, while next to it WTC7 is just about a half, at 742′, like a message what’s down to last, was re-built as first, since WTC7 was last to go down in 9/11 Tragical Events, but it was rebuilt as first tower in WTC site. I remember when it was opened it was just beginning of credit mess, and it was stayed empty for 2 years, ironically starting filing up tenants to full occupancy rate in the midst of Great Recession. Now is a shortest tower in the whole Complex of Rebuilt WTC, and even shorter than 125 Greenwich Street. This is a usual process for most developments in tight capitalist environment and market competition, the shortest of towers going usually as first, then tallest and biggest towers are following up. Except ScamChina, who is Socialist as a Hell and in 50 trillion dollars of own internal debt, since unstoppable government money printing press for last 20 years!!! They built empty cities, empty office towers, empty residential Micro districts, HSR lines without any true market requirements, just for raising up their fake inflated GDP, to be face one day Biggest ever in history Ponzi Market Collapse of China Pyramid Scam!!!

        • Jack Liberman | March 8, 2019 at 3:35 am | Reply

          Same as Soviet Union in 1989-1992, this will be end game for China GDP/moneyprint Pyramid Built up Cities Scam!!!

    • Kerry McElwain | March 14, 2019 at 7:08 pm | Reply


  3. Jack Liberman | March 7, 2019 at 9:25 am | Reply

    Of course finished product will look different, but in this case chopped by 430 feet from planned top is not simple unwise, but it’s stupid!!! Must be “1345 feet” as it’s planned before, and on next election vote down all existing City Hall, if you want to see new bold building sprouting up, without limitation of Roosevelt era socialist rules!!! MAGA!!! Make NYC Great Again!!! Vote for GOP in 2020!!!

  4. Bloomberg's Bane | March 7, 2019 at 9:50 am | Reply

    Pardon me for using your space:

    I can see my house from here.

    (Thanks to Michael Young)

  5. Thanks to Michael young for details on development

  6. “Capitalist” Liberman should first brush up on a bit more grammatically correct English.
    This, before he starts embarrassingly spouting off how we need to do away with all “socialist” zoning regulations.
    Let the real estate developers do whatever they want, wherever they want! Ha.
    If that scenario ever comes to pass we’ll not only need congestion pricing,
    we’ll also need to plot an escape route from Calcutta New York.
    As for his inane NYC/MAGA reference – heaven help us if Trump or his Republican cronies were ever able to do to NYC what they did to Washington in the last two years. Instead of draining the swamp, they made it into their own corrupt private swimming pool, reserved for well-heeled lobbyists and foreign dictators (including the socialist/Putin kind!).
    Not that monied NYC real estate interests do already not have an inordinate and out-sized amount of power & influence in this city of course – an influence that most certainly needs to be reigned in. Reigned in for “the benefits of all citizens!!!”, in the humorous phraseology of Jack’s ill-informed rants.
    Oh well, despite some off-the-wall reader comments, the article’s photos were amazing, with well-written commentary to accompany them.

    • Jack Liberman | March 7, 2019 at 7:49 pm | Reply

      I didn’t say that all developments must go from “as right”, not all, and height limit must be reasonable too, and even size matters. However I praise up developments what can contribute significant additions on our Great Skyline, without damaging it. This tower must be built “as right”, just being steps from WTC site, in FiDi, in Downtown Manhattan, no arguments!!! 912 feet as it’s final height is making this tower as ordinary tall building, like 111 Murray, or 50 West Street, just something “750-950 footer”, not even as tallest resintial building, even 30 Park Place is taller. Even Trump Building in Wall Street is taller than this. Same story applied to 53West53, why the reason they chopped 200 feet from planned 1250′ structure, now is not even 5th tallest in NYC list of tallest residential building, and attractive crown of this building is lost, by rooftop of taller buildings sprouted up along Billionaires Alley. This building even surpassed by 9 Decalb in Brooklyn, at 1066′ for latter, and staggering 150 feet over this Downtown Manhattan brand new residential. Also, livable city is not necessary a city full of 5 story buildings, this is a Communist dream, real livable city must have a pleasure looking, nice everchanging skyline with new added buildings year to year, affordable and decent transportation, including all access airports, modern spacious train stations and bridges and tunnels, wide fast highways, green boulevards along major residential areas, attractive modern office parks, with green public space, all necessary local shops and restaurants, like Hudson Yards or even WTC as example, or CitiPoint in Brooklyn, or even transformable by recently huge area of Atlantic Terminal/ Barclays Center, with new buildings going there taller and taller than Brooklyn seen in his history!!! Or you prefer a City built with modern replicas of Robert Moses LA Guardia Socialist 13 stories “projects” and highways what became already overcrowded in 5 years after they built them! ??? Hell no, that’s why we must built skyscrapers near Court Square, near East River Explanade, near West Street in Downtown, at Coney Island neighborhood, but leave well protected area of town/suburban lifestyle for outer boroughs, where it preserved for centuries!!! We should not mimic Socialist cities of China and Russia, neither we shouldn’t make a NYC looks like another Dubai or Shanghai!!!
      Thanks God, we have here Central Park, Prospect Park, Coney Island Boardwalk, Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, we have historical and treelined Eastern Parkway and Pelham Bay Parkway, a true landmastered masterpiece of 5 mile long green boulevard oasis of Ocean Parkway, architectural midcentury marvel of Verrazano Bridge, as strong and solid as Steel, not like fake artificial lowlife bridges in China, what will be selfdestructed in next 30 years, we don’t need anything replicated from them here in America. Not their fake materials, fake inflated by print by own money GDP, what’s allowed them print money for financing unnecessary huge projects fabricated from cheap materials and cheap labor who barely afford to live in there. China is on the route, HSR for self collapse, as soon the rest of World learned about their empty mega cities, empty malls within them, empty promises made by dictatorship of one party, by 2035-2050 we probably see this. And with collapse of Chin, the rest of World will end Socialist Utopia forever!!!

  7. The Woolworth Building photo by Mr Young in this story is amazing and reminds us of the power of a great building!

    • I like that shot too of the 50 West roof arm, Liberty and the container cranes. Great photography.

      • Jack Liberman | March 8, 2019 at 3:04 am | Reply

        Good photos from building what’s originally intended to be as tall as 1345 feet!!! Chopped by crooked City Hall demon crates!!! Same as 53West53, down to 1050′ from original planned top of 1250′!!! Vote for Demons if you like more mess in our Daily life my fellow NYorkers!!!!

  8. Jack Liberman | March 8, 2019 at 3:13 am | Reply

    This tower remembered me American motto created just after 9/11 Tragical Events, “Down, but not Defeated”, now is raised up America!!! We will rebuilt and we will prevail. And our beautiful skyline will be as great as never before!!! Still we built it, we rebuilding WTC and sprouting new residential towers in perimeter of it, as never before for decades!!! At 912 feet, this tower is not even as “supertall”, but it’s still tall enough and filled a gap, what’s stayed there for more than 20 years, even before 9/11 was happened!!! Long time in planning, and very quick to be raised up, as well as our ever changed Greatest in The Free World Skyline!!! I Love NYC, I love a Big Apple❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!

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