Permits Filed for 319 West 35th Street in Hudson Yards, Manhattan

319 West 35th Street in Hudson Yards, Manhattan319 West 35th Street via Google Maps

Permits have been filed for a 25-story hotel at 319 West 35th Street in Hudson Yards, Manhattan. Located between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue, the interior lot is one block north of 34th Street-Penn Station, serviced by the A, C, and E trains. Wei Hong Hu under the H Hotel LLC is listed as the owner behind the applications.

The proposed 249-foot tall development will yield 59,250 square feet, with 55,851 square feet designated for residential space and 3,399 square feet for commercial space. It will have 166 hotel rooms, with an average unit scope of 336 square feet. The concrete-based structure will also have a cellar, sub-cellar, and basement.

Peter Poon Architects is responsible for the design.

Demolition permits have not been filed as of yet. An estimated completion date has not been announced.

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5 Comments on "Permits Filed for 319 West 35th Street in Hudson Yards, Manhattan"

  1. Jack Liberman | May 20, 2019 at 9:44 am | Reply

    This is no way in Hudson Yards, 35th street between 8th and 9th Avenue???? Located just off off Penn Station 33rd Street Exit. Technically in the backyard of “New Yorker” Hotel!!! YIMBY it’s time to start describe correct neighborhood names. Hudson Yards Neighborhood borders on Ninth Avenue west side between 30th Street and 43rd Street, and “Westside Highway” or 12th Avenue. It’s not hard. Also Related Oxford “Hudson Yards Complex” borders between 34th and 30th, and 10th and 12th Avenue, only this area of “biggest real estate development in private hands in North America” now, and in history. This is 16,9 acres, and 22,5 bln dollars in 2011 prices. US Dollar is fluctuate in age of capitalism, so it could be up and down, more or less of original pricing, definitely priced more now, like 25 bln in 2016 dollars. So, don’t try to add in Hudson Yards Neighborhood whole Midtown, or even Penn Plaza Complex. Time to learn what is Hudson Yards, what is Hell’s Kitchen, what’s Fashion District, what’s Chelsea, what’s Chelsea West, what’s Meatpacking District, what’s is Soho, what’s Noho, what is Entertaiment District or Times Square and what is a Times Square itself!!! Google in help!!! Read what is historically this neiborhood means for New Yorkers, like me who living here since 1989!!!
    It is offensive if you call Brighton Beach as “Coney Island” or East Flatbush as “Kensington” or even Park Slope or Crown Heights. Downtown Brooklyn also have borders, but generally OK to include areas of new construction in DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, area of “Pacific Park” of Atlantic Yards, even portion of Navy Yards, but it will be offensive if you include Astoria in Long Island City, or Greenpoint in Williamsburg, or Navy Yard in Williamsburg. So, it’s time to learn these names of historical neighborhoods, and not to mixed it with others. You can call Starett City Complex as part of East New York, since it’s in East New York, same as Gateway Mall, but Geritzen is never in Sheepshead Bay, or Marina Park, or Mill Basin, Trump Village and Coney Island is two different neighborhoods, same as Midwood and Central Flatbush, don’t mixed it, same as Mill Basin and Old Mill Basin, same as Canarsie (Beach) and Old Canarsie, same as Bushwick and Bedford Steywesant, don’t mixed it Steywesant Town, with Copper Village, or Alphabet City with Lower East Side. Or Triangle Historical District with Tribeca, each NYC Neighborhood have own history, and some old historical neighborhoods were formerly as separate towns, villages, like those in Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, so use History of NYC in Google to learn that. For Understanding that calling as Hudson Yards area in backyard of Historical New Yorker Hotel is pretty offensive. Hudson Yards is called that because of West Yard Depot Complex, interlocking located just under Ninth and Tenth Avenue, plus Hudson Corridor for Amtrak who crossing area between Tenth and Eleven Avenue near 35-37th Streets. Hudson Yards is artificial name exist from 2002 from early bid to built Olympic Stadium here, bid for 2012 Olympic ended early in 2005, so Hudson Yards fate decided to became Residential Office Mixed Neighborhood, by Tishman Speir, in 2007, then Great Recession, site was bought by Related with Financing by Oxford Insurers Group of Connecticut, formed “Related Oxford Partners who began built platform over “East Yard” portion of West Yards, East Yard is interlocking complex from Penn Station to West Yards, latter used for daytime storage for LIRR. “East Yard” is actually interlocking part of tracks from Hudson Tube interlock under 10th Avenue from Penn Station, what is separate tracks to 3 portions, Amtrak Hudson Corridor, Amtrak NJ Transit to Seacacus Junction, and LIRR tracks to West Yards. It was still clearly shown before One Manhattan West Building was built over platform what covered this interlocking junction in 2012-14.
    Site of Hudson Yards was proposed as Midtown Airport, from 23rd street up to 72nd Street in 1950-60s. Please don’t call that area now as “Hudson Yards”.

  2. Jack Liberman | May 20, 2019 at 10:02 am | Reply

    Manhattan West is one neighborhood, Hudson Yards is another. Don’t mixed them up please. Please please please learn names and borders of NYC neighborhoods in Google search articles, before you freely start writing “35th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenue”, as “in Hudson Yards”, it was never been, and never is!!!
    It is a backyard of New Yorker Hotel, it’s in Southern portion of Hell’s Kitchen, don’t call it as “Health Kitchen”, and bordering with NYC Fashion District. YIMBY must at least read once before post it, otherwise it’s confusion and misinformation.
    PS. Don’t call brutalist style as modernist, same as streamline moderne as art deco. Midcentury Modern is included International Style 1 and 2, Brutalist, Late Streamline Modern, Miami Modern, Futurism. It’s covers period from mid 1930 to late 1950s-early 1960s. Replaced with Late Century Modernism, Neo Modern, Ultra Modern, Postmodernism, Deconstructivism, Neo Brutalism, Art Deco Revival, Mizner style Postmodernism, International Style 3.
    So, learn this too.

  3. In your previous article you state “Developer Acquires Mixed-Use Development Site At 317-319 West 35th Street, Garment District”

  4. Jack Liberman | May 21, 2019 at 4:48 pm | Reply

    Yes this area actually is in borderline of Garment District, a former place of NYC garment factories and “sweat shops” of early 20th Centuries, when tens of thousands immigrants from Europe and Asia came to this city for better life through hard works, not for getting free handouts!!! Tens of thousands Jews, Germans, Italians, Polish, Greeks, Irish, Swedish, Saxons, Chinese, came here to work 14-16 hours a day in these “sweat shops”, earning less than 5 bucks a week!!! They built Our Great City and Contribute a lot in our multicultural fabric of this Greatest City in the World!!! And a zero of them received “medicaid for all” or “welfare”, simple because it was none of these “free handouts” were available until 1930s!!!
    The only “freebies” for them were free leftovers of scraps of food if they lost such jobs!!!
    And Our Mayor must know that, when he compare illegal border crossers for free handouts with these hardworking legal immigrants who built NYC!!!

  5. This Jack Liberman guy is gettin in a hissy fit over a neighborhood name. Chill, son, dayum.

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