Proposal for Improvements to Harlem’s Lenox Terrace Begins Public Review

Lenox Terrace Aerial by David Brody BondLenox Terrace Aerial by David Brody Bond

A proposal to significantly improve Harlem‘s massive Lenox Terrace housing complex has begun public review as part of the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure process. Plans call for the addition of mixed-income housing, six acres of green space, and retail to the site located between Lenox Avenue and Fifth Avenue, and from 132nd to 135th Streets. Lenox Terrace comprises over six square blocks and houses more than 4,000 people across six buildings.

Lenox Terrace Retail by David Brody Bond

Lenox Terrace Retail by David Brody Bond

The proposal includes approximately 1,600 new units of mixed-income housing, with an estimated 400 affordable residences complying with the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing guidelines. In addition, there would be 160,000 square feet of retail, six acres of green space, and an amenities package for Lenox Terrace residents. If approved, the project would create more than 2,700 on-site construction jobs and over 300 permanent jobs.

Lenox Terrace Retail by David Brody Bond

Lenox Terrace Retail by David Brody Bond

Lenox Terrace was originally developed by Robert S. Olnick in 1958, and continues to be owned and managed by The Olnick Organization. Improvements to Lenox Terrace include transforming asphalt parking lots into green space, updating existing buildings for current residents, and building 1,600 units of mixed-income housing on underutilized sites.

Bird's Eye View of the development by Ken Smith Workshop

Bird’s Eye View by Ken Smith Workshop

Construction for the development is projected to begin in the fall of 2020, with an expected opening of phase one in 2023.

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11 Comments on "Proposal for Improvements to Harlem’s Lenox Terrace Begins Public Review"

  1. Lenore Goldberg | August 29, 2019 at 9:35 am | Reply

    Credit should be Davis Brody Bond, not David etc.

  2. This looks really good. More of this needed on superblocks citywide.

  3. wouldn’t it make sense to use these buildings to clear out one of the old units as well, knock it down and build something with more density in its place?

  4. Progress is needed but it must include the people of HARLEM.DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  5. Maybe they’ll bring back 22 W. Great restaurant. Maybe something like it.

  6. Sounds good. I hope this “Revitalization” will beneft the residents of the Lenox area. And not just opportunistic “Millennials.” Gentrication is at an all time high these days. So I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  7. So now where are you going to entice black people to move out of the city to. Every ten years it’s some place new since the 70’s, coop city, LeFrak city, Poconos, south. Where will it be 2000. Oh yah, space.

  8. do you think the management wants the old people to movie out and that’s why they don’t do nothing about the thefts in the builden and they want all white people in they builden now.

  9. I am all in for having new stores around Lenox Terrace development. I am AGAINST Lenox Terrace wanting to build five 28 storied high rises surrounding their buildings now. It would look awful! Everything will be closed in and tight. 135th Street train stain is already crowding enough. Adding more people with this “supposed” new project will be disastrous! What Olnick organization needs to do is make Lenox Terrace great again! Focuse on the buildings they have now instead of cutting back for this “new project”

  10. maybe they will knock down the old units and put the people in the New buildings

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