Construction Breaks Ground At 160-05 Archer Avenue in Jamaica, Queens

One Archer Avenue ground breaking ceremony - Shorewood Real Estate GroupOne Archer Avenue ground breaking ceremony - Shorewood Real Estate Group

Shorewood Real Estate Group recently celebrated the commencement of construction at 160-05 Archer Avenue, a 24-story mixed-use development in Jamaica, Queens. Designed by Hill West Architects, the building will officially debut as One Archer Avenue.

“Thanks to community groups such as Greater Jamaica Development Corp and the Jamaica BID and our investors, Capricorn Investment Group and Bridge Investment Group, Shorewood was able to bring this project to fruition,” said Shorewood Real Estate Group’s president and CEO, S. Lawrence Davis.

The structure will measure 326,000 square feet and comprise a mix of rental apartments and associated amenities, ground-floor retail, and an enclosed parking structure for 156 vehicles.

The residential component will comprise 226,895 square feet. This area includes 315 apartments, co-working space, a game room, a fitness center and yoga room, a dog wash, and multiple lounges. Ground-floor retail area will occupy 131,282 square feet of the property.

At this time, the project team has not released renderings or a construction timeline for the project.

160-05 Archer Avenue in Jamaica, Queens

160-05 Archer Avenue via Google Maps

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11 Comments on "Construction Breaks Ground At 160-05 Archer Avenue in Jamaica, Queens"

  1. The whole point for the rezoning and encouragement of development around the Jamaica downtown area was because of the large number of mass transit options. Why then require developments to include parking to accommodate cars? NYC zoning is just so stupid.

  2. Reason #1
    The building is being placed in-between Jamaica Ave and Archer Ave across the street from the shopping center and movie theater. There is no parking on either Avenue for about a mile down to 165th street. Just because there is mass transit does not mean the building will DENY residency to tenants that own a motor vehicle. Those tenants will NEED someplace to park.

    “ground-floor retail”
    The building will also be part affordable housing. A retail section will help to offset the losses from reduced rent. The retail customers will ALSO need someplace to park.

  3. Gentrification

    • Where can i apply for one of those low housing apartments? Like on 168th street and Archer Ave. Is anyone of those developments available for low in people? In Jamaica,

  4. Queens wake Up.
    A Vietnam vet Evicted because the Ordered H.A.L. did not show ip. He Killed for this Country and
    because Judge Lansden did not believe the G.A.L. had an Emergency. He signed the eviction order Throwing his family Out like trash. Bully Judge Lansden. Queens housing court. No du e process as demanded by his own colleage Judge J. Poley.

  5. I would love be one of those that get one of the affordable apartment.

  6. Crazy,how this city has changed.In the last 25 to 35 years.For the worst.Every has become demoralized.Nothing here is about human decencey.Its about money.They say vote.For what.The politician,only want to seal there agenda and status quo.Not the people.So beware NYC.Evetything rises everythingfalls.The abuses it gives.Will come back.The Roman empire endured this.And never recovered.

  7. Soon all the help will leave this city.Which they have.Since the 90s.And they live better quality of life.Elseehere.Much better.When ask will they come back.To a money hungry cutthroat city.They simply said no.Even if they got rent paid for or free.The city screwed them royally.So they Exodus.Soon I retire,I leave too.Before it overcomes me.Like it has swallowed alot.This city just cares about special interest.And the tourist.Not the people.Modern day robber Barron’s .I can go on and on.They talk about change.Change for for who. I haven’t seen it.In my 50 plus years.Oh yeah,i saw change.When I came back.From my military service.Lots. Of friends.And family did the Houdini and vanished.Without a trace.Due to rent.High taxes,high foods and utilities.And crime.Crime has never gone down,in this city.And will never go down.It there.And will be for a while.The city promotes it.Its part of business.The News channels love crime and mayhem.Its what gives them, high ratings.what a immoral place.

  8. Look at this greedy billion crook.Running for President.To continue screwing the tax payers.He screwed the city.Now he wants to do the country.And calls union workers thugs and criminals.He should look,at his self.Then apologies,for his police policies.For stop and frisk.I was stopped for nothing.Several times.For grocery shopping or fastening my belt,on the city side walk.And for giving infob to a lost tourist.

  9. Theirs enough traffic and junk in queens. We already cant park,and when you can, we have to get up early and move the cars. Or the parking is extremely high. Use better judgement. I knew the mayor was psycho when he start building on QUEENS BLVD.. putting all those balls on sidewalks and streets. Its TOO crowded all ready. Some years ago it was a new transit system built..WHAT A DISASTER. Whatever you do in NYC its not consistant.The laws needs enforcing all across the board, thats why it look like hell and have to be done over and over in NYC. Look at the roads, the worst!! Instead,spend the money on the roads and make it good so every year it doesn’t have to be repaved. Construction workers can do other work to keep them on payroll.

  10. Imelda pebenito | February 4, 2021 at 10:00 pm | Reply

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