Crown Panel Installation Begins at 111 West 57th Street in Midtown

111 West 57th Street. Rendering by Hayes Davidson

SHoP Architects‘ 111 West 57th Street recently reached another milestone as work has commenced on the installation of the transparent paneling on the supertall’s steel crown. This is the final major external component of the world’s most slender skyscraper, which is developed by JDS DevelopmentProperty Markets Group, and Spruce Capital Partners. The 1,428-foot-tall tower will contain 46 condominiums designed by Studio Sofield and marketed by Douglas Elliman.

Photos from Hoboken, New Jersey and from Bryant Park show the first few panels being placed on the southern elevation. We should expect more of the cladding to go up level by level throughout 2020.

111 West 57th Street. Photo by Michael Young

111 West 57th Street. Photo by Michael Young

111 West 57th Street. Photo by Michael Young

111 West 57th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The panels are being placed with substantial spacing in between to reduce the stress from wind. When viewed from a three-quarters angle, the paneling gives off a warm golden hue and lights up from the reflected sunlight. Meanwhile, the terracotta, glass, and bronze panels on the eastern and western elevations is continuing to rise and is nearing the top of the reinforced concrete superstructure.

111 West 57th Street is currently the second tallest skyscraper along 57th Street, aka Billionaires’ Row, which recently made headlines as the most expensive street in the world. Adding to the appeal of the project is its location along the longitudinal centerline of Central Park, allowing for almost perfectly framed views of the park. South-facing windows provide clear vistas of One Vanderbilt, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Hudson Yards, all the way down to One World Trade Center at the tip of the island.

111 West 57th Street is expected to be finished this year.

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26 Comments on "Crown Panel Installation Begins at 111 West 57th Street in Midtown"

  1. David in Bushwick | January 20, 2020 at 8:35 am | Reply

    It’s just ridiculous…

    • Come on, this is well advanced architectural building, it was also assembled stunningly fast!!! See it better when it will be completed, stoned up, glassed up. It’s like Woolworth of 21st Century or Metlife Tower!!!

  2. Albert Knaus (in Manhattan) | January 20, 2020 at 9:58 am | Reply

    Whatever one’s feelings about these super-tall residential towers for the super-rich, the huge crown parapet on this one is stunning, to be sure. Curious whether anything be contained within it? Mechanicals? Amenities? (A cigar bar would be fitting.)

    I get vertigo just looking at that building.

  3. Stunning.

  4. Would make a great homeless shelter 🙂

  5. Hang nail at the end of a middle finger.

  6. Amazing, that all this HYPE for a building to house less than a 100? “part time” tenants!

    It should be turned into the world’s most luxurious AIRBNB! At less like Motel 6 says, “We’ll leave the lights on for you”! ?

  7. So, open to the elements at 1,400 plus feet. Driving rain and snow, impact of freeze / thaw cycle, critter habitation. Corrosion of the steel structure. Guess SHoP and WSP have thought all of this through. Assume there’ll be practical maintenance access top to bottom.
    Need to see a few more of the cladding panels erected so as to get a sense of what it will look like. And a future posting by YIMBY on the window-cleaning cradles for the whole tower would be appreciated.
    Please note that plural subjects requires plural verb form.

  8. It is so awesome New York City’s skyline ? has progressed so much. However we need to break out of the 1400 somethings that are just shy of the Willis Tower in Chicago. Central Park Tower for now is the only US skysraper to do that. We need more to follow. Hopefully Tower 5th will be the second and a new taller trend in the US ?? will begin.

  9. Robert E Janonis | January 20, 2020 at 6:41 pm | Reply

    What a sin I was censored because
    I called a spade a spade.Yes ILLEGAL criminal non union personal were allowed to work on this jobsite,and allowed to send their tax-free meager “compositions”to support the drug cartels that are undermining our society and culture.Anyone out there care to counter? I’ve seen first hand the deterioration of the business in the last 43 years

  10. Is this crown thing a structural necessity or a gratuitous design element?

  11. Questions. Is this property carbon neutral? Is it helping us fight Climate change? Is it good for New York? Does it bring benefits to those who live in its shadow?. We need to build sustainable structures in the future and not monuments to the rich. This site should be more open to balanced points of view and not one sided.

  12. Bravo, looks fantastic. Best developer in NYC!

  13. David in Bushwick: Your comment, and indeed your entire presence on this site, is ridiculous. Go away.

  14. It’s just too slender for its proportions. I foresee structural and maintenance issues within two or three years that will strain even the budgets of the 45 homeowners. I foresee lawyers licking their chops.

  15. This building that isn’t completed yet after fiver year is an embarrassment to the construction industry. Poor craftsmanship, delays due to it and lawsuits. How anyone applauds this is beyond.

    • Perhaps some details of poor craftsmanship and the ways in which they have directly impacted the construction schedule could be provided.

  16. Wiiliam R. Abbate | January 21, 2020 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    The Building already is falling apart. Some of the terracotta recently fell on on a yellow cab.Expect more to come.

  17. So skinny that only super-models and their billionaire owners will get to live there.

  18. I think Steel crown will have counter weights to keep it from swaying.

  19. I just watched a tour of an apartment in this building, and all the windows were filthy. I would also like to know how they plan on cleaning the windows.

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