Affordable Housing Lottery Launches for Hunter’s Point South in Long Island City, Queens

52-03 and 52-41 Center Boulevard. Rendering courtesy of TF Cornerstone

The housing lottery is now open for 52-41 Center Boulevard, one of two Hunter’s Point South towers on Long Island City‘s waterfront in Queens. Developed by TF Cornerstone and designed by ODA, 52-41 and 52-03 Center Boulevard will bring 1,194 new residential units in the form of studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms ranging in monthly rent from $698 to $2,704. Sixty percent of units will be allocated as permanently affordable to low-, moderate-, and middle-income families, and 100 apartments will go to low-income seniors. Available on NYC Housing Connect are the first 185 affordable units at 5241 Center Boulevard, part of a total 719 affordable units. Half of the total affordable units are set aside for the local community within Queens Community Board 2.

The master-planned collaboration with NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development and NYC Housing Development Corporation also brings a half-acre public park, school, and playground. In addition to all the outdoor space, residents will have access to amenities in both buildings, including a club room and lounge, children’s playroom, fitness center, yoga room, laundry facilities, and HomeWork, a co-working space for residents.

5241 Center Boulevard, Hunter's Point South. Courtesy of TF Cornerstone

5241 Center Boulevard, Hunter’s Point South. Courtesy of TF Cornerstone

5241 Center Boulevard will also have a 7,700-square-foot community facility with a separate lobby and 8,900 square feet of ground-floor retail space. Between the developments will be a 22,000-square-foot park designed by Matthews Nielsen Landscape Architects. 52-03 Center Boulevard, the tower to the north, will have a 150-car parking garage, a community facility run by Selfhelp Community Services, and a 572-seat K-8 school with a playground.

5241 Center Boulevard, Hunter's Point South. Courtesy of TF Cornerstone

5241 Center Boulevard, Hunter’s Point South. Courtesy of TF Cornerstone

“For generations, TF Cornerstone has been a leading driver of economic development, housing, public parks, schools, and philanthropy in Long Island City, and we are thrilled to be continuing that at Hunter’s Point South,” said Zoe Elghanayan, principal and vice president at TF Cornerstone. “As the first of few new buildings to commence leasing in the wake of a global pandemic, 5241 and 5203 Center Blvd are much needed sanctuaries, providing new affordable housing, vast amounts of open space, light, and air in all directions, dedicated community spaces, and the security of being part of a TF Cornerstone community.”

At 50 percent of the AMI, there are 20 affordable studios with a $698 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $26,126 to $45,500, 20 one-bedrooms with a $883 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $32,743 to $51,200, and 40 two-bedrooms with a $1,071 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $39,909 to $61,400. At 130 percent of the AMI, there are 35 studios with a $1,787 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $63,463 to $118,300, ten one-bedrooms with a $2,244 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $79,406 to $133,120, and 20 two-bedrooms with a $2,704 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $95,898 to $159,640. At 165 percent of the AMI, there are 34 studios with a $2,028 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $71,726 to $150,150 and six one-bedrooms with a monthly rent of $2,544 for incomes ranging from $89,692 to $168,960. Prospective renters must meet income and household size requirements to apply for these apartments. Applications must be postmarked or submitted online no later than November 23, 2020.

Leasing for the remaining 209 market-rate units is expected to begin toward the end of this year. Leasing for the 534 affordable and 266 market rate units in the sibling North tower, located at 5203 Center Boulevard, is expected to commence in the summer of 2021.

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29 Comments on "Affordable Housing Lottery Launches for Hunter’s Point South in Long Island City, Queens"

  1. I need desperately an appartment I live in a small furnished room need help please

    • We all need apartments and not just shared apartments. Anyone from the ages of 23-35 should have automatic housing options with realistic rent prices. And why is so hard to apply and get assisted within 60 days. Like someone answer the question.

  2. 40 two bedrooms with $1071 rental.i like this one . I need to know the procedures how I will get.

  3. Please I need as apt i am insecure, because I have two children and the electri is down and for 4 time the brake burn.please helpme

  4. How do I apply for a lottery apartment in Long Island City

    • Go on the affordable housing website. Build a profile, find the development you want and follow the directions for applying.

      • All those affordable houses sites never call back. Your chances of getting called are little to none. I’ve been on every housing website for about three years now. I have also been employed that whole time not one call not one email. They make people suffer for years to finally get a call.

        • Re:Charlie May
          Please dont be discouraged, they do contact you when you are picked. I have been alerted for more than a couple of apts and eligibility interviews. I was locked in a lease and sadly couldn’t except. I will continue to put in, until I win a chance at an apartment. So be positive, and pray about it. God moves mountains!

  5. Always wanted to live near a river, is the only free therapy I can ever get. It will be a dream come true for me.

  6. I’m 57 years old and would love to win a one bedroom apartment with an ocean view. Please advise how I can apply for the lottery.

    Thanking you in advance.

  7. Please send me application at 2470East ave Rochester ny 14610 Apt 703

  8. Do you have market rate apartments too

  9. Let me know to my email how I can get affordable unit which is available

  10. Benjamin Brown | October 3, 2020 at 3:22 pm | Reply

    Im 74 years old disabled veteran and would like to get one bed can i get a application.

  11. I am very interested in the affordable housing lottery! How do I participate and or what are the requirements.

  12. Anyone looking for an apartment must apply on the affordable housing website. Begging for help in the COMMENTS section of this site will not get you what you want.

  13. Please provide details on how to apply.

    • Re:Marie
      Go to Housing Connect2
      Register a new account
      Answer ALL questions,
      Make sure you save it
      Then start looking apts
      Then you apply

  14. Noreen Faherty | October 6, 2020 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    I’m a senior and i really need an apt. a two bedroom if i meet the requirements if not a one bedroom.Also my sister is also a senior and she would like to apply.She does not know how to use a computer and she dosen’t have one.We are both in need of a senior housing.She would like a one bedroom apt.her name is Ann Faherty at 50-22 40thSt.
    Sunnyside New York 11374

  15. Gladys Strange October 6,20
    I have been living in my studio apartment for 40 years and the only view I’ve had is looking in an alley into someone else’s apartment I out grew my apartment many I just couldn’t afford to move I’m now 67 years old it would be a blessing to live in a larger apartment with a view, that I can afford. To get into this location would be a dream come true. I would love to win a two bedroom apartment please. Over the years I have had to watch my older friends living in their home or apartment with a view. It would be a privilege for me to have that advantage also in my latter years. Thanking you advance Please send me an application to 310LenoxRoad 3H
    Brooklyn New York 11226

  16. I need a two bedroom Apartment. Please let me know how can I apply for that. Your early response will highly be appreciated. Thank you very much.

  17. Need a one bedroom apartment.lam 68 years in a one bedroom in Manhattan. Requesting an application be sent to Carl Timmons 527 west157 st apt 2-E New York,New York 10032.

  18. I see a lot of people saying they are in such need of a place. I am also in need of a place and this is so depressing. The demand is too high then what’s available. You have young people who are trying to find their first apartments without rooming with someone else. all the way down to the seniors who didn’t move in years due to the uncertainty of finding another apartment here in the city. What is the solution? How can NYC better assist the residents who live here? Faster and more efficient when they are ready to move right away. Why must one have to go into the shelter to receive the help they need. I’m 27 with a 17hr job I just want my own place and no one in the city will assist me 🙁

  19. CHRISTOPHER RIVERA | November 16, 2020 at 5:16 pm | Reply



  20. When is coming the application for 52-03 center Blvd for affordable housing connect ?

    • Mietta Hamilton | January 12, 2021 at 4:45 pm | Reply

      God evening. I apply for a 1 bedroom at 52-41 and 03 in july 2020. Did you start to pick application? If so can you please send me a email telling me if im on the waiting list or if i will be contact soon. Thank You.

  21. I have been applying for these affordable housing since 2014 and though I am sometimes qualified in 2 categories such being a city employee and the zone I lived in. Once have I ever got called and the lady told me I was 300 and something dollars over. I wanted to die. Even though I showed her the discrepancies of my payroll department calculations she said she understood but she could not have done anything. That was so devastating. I applied for so many in my income range never get called since that one missed opportunity.

  22. Hi, can you send me the apply application? I need this, I go to Long Island city today, and I love it.

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