Façade Work Continues on the Ritz Carlton Hotel at 1185 Broadway in NoMad

The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad (PRNewsfoto/Marriott International, Inc.)

Façade work is getting closer to completion on the Ritz Carlton Hotel at 1185 Broadway, a 580-foot-tall skyscraper in NoMad and number 27 on our countdown of the tallest buildings under construction in the city. Designed by Rafael Vinoly and developed by MarriottRitz Carlton Hotels, and Flag Luxury Properties, the 40-story tower will yield 150,000 square feet and 250 guest rooms. The project is located at the intersection of Broadway and West 28th Street.

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

Recent photos show the curtain wall on the main southern elevation nearing the parapet, with only a couple floors left to be enclosed. Since our last update in mid-October, the crane has been fully disassembled and the sections of the façade where it was anchored have been filled in. The main areas awaiting completion are the tall mechanical levels between the podium and the tower, as well as at the summit. Both are shown in the renderings to include landscaping, including tall trees. Meanwhile, work is continuing on the multi-story podium, which will also include additional greenery alongside West 28th Street.

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

The windowless northern wall is substantially finished and has a very different architectural expression than the relatively transparent and open southern profile. The mostly blank surface has a subtly protruding rectangular block in the centerline, where the egress and elevator core are located. Thin parallel lines are lightly etched across gray side panels flanking the core to denote the location of every story.

1185 Broadway. Photo by Michael Young

The Ritz Carlton is expected to be completed sometime in 2021.

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14 Comments on "Façade Work Continues on the Ritz Carlton Hotel at 1185 Broadway in NoMad"

  1. The windowless 580′ northern wall..ugh.

  2. True, I do wish the northern facade could be a little nicer. Maybe have some windows on each of the windowless sides next to the elevator block in a similar fashion to the rest of the building, then install some black panels on the bare concrete of the elevator block itself. But apart from that mediocrity, I think this is the best hotel building to be built in New York City in a long time.

  3. The backside… yikes, the front turned out okay though, I would say better than the renderings. The podium is garbage.

  4. It is exciting to see a major building going up while not yet having a final rendering of it..suspense !

  5. The outdoor space near the top will be almost unusable when tourist helis make their rounds. 50 a day on weekends go right over it at heights as low as 1400 feet. And when tourism returns you can expect that and more every day of the week.

  6. Josecarlos Rivera | December 6, 2020 at 5:10 pm | Reply

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  7. The only way that ugly blank wall is getting covered is if the handsome prewar behind is demolished. Talk about damned if you do damned if you don’t. Unless the prewar could anchor a setback tower above. Fat chance.

  8. I’m interested on brooklyn apartment can you please send me an application.

  9. too bad the ESB view is blocked by the new tower on 30th and Madison (Madison House)

  10. iam intetested in getting an application,please send me one

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