HPD Awards $13.6 Million in Tax Credits for 583 Affordable Housing Units

Rendering of Broome Street Development. Designed by Dattner Architects

This week, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) announced $13.6 million in housing tax credits was awarded to seven developments. These projects will be responsible for creating and preserving 583 affordable units throughout the city.

The awards will go to six new construction projects and one preservation project, and as a result assist two supportive housing developments, two senior developments, and 189 homes for the formerly homeless. The tax credits will raise nearly $133 million in equity to be used for the construction of these projects.

“The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is the most powerful federal tool cities have to create and preserve affordable housing,” said HPD commissioner Louise Carroll. “With affordable housing desperately needed throughout the city, the program is an invaluable asset to our ambitious affordable housing goals and the city’s future.”

Housing tax credits are allocated by the IRS to state agencies, which then distribute them down to city level. HPD received nine percent competitive credits and four percent “as-of-right” credits. Developers were able to compete for the nine percent tax credits and the four percent “as-of-right” credits were allocated on a rolling basis annually. Once tax credits are attached to a project, developers may sell the credits to corporate investors that will benefit by the reduction of their corporate federal income tax bills for ten years. The project benefits by the investors generating private equity, which in turn covers a portion of development costs, thus reducing debt and need for public subsidy. A property with tax credits can offer lower rents.

In addition, construction timelines were extended on projects that benefited from the tax credits awarded in 2018/2019, as result of delays due to COVID-19.

“These tax credits will allow us to advance our continued commitment to create and preserve affordable and supportive housing stock for all New Yorkers, especially our most vulnerable,” said Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Chair of the Assembly’s Housing Committee. “I’m pleased that these projects will provide seniors and other New Yorkers with the ability to have safe and stable homes and remain vital and engaged members of our communities.”

Of the six projects, two are located in Brooklyn. New construction supportive housing project HELP ONE Building B will be developed by H.E.L.P. Development Corporation. It comprises 71 new homes, 43 which are designated for formerly homeless tenants. Rheingold Senior Residences is another new construction housing project, one geared toward seniors. Developed by Los Sures/Southside United HDFC, this project will deliver 94 new homes, with 15 designated for formerly homeless tenants.

The Federation Nameoke Apartments, a new construction supportive housing project in Queens, will be developed by the Federation of Organizations for the NYS Mentally Disabled. The development will bring forth 117 new units, and 71 will be designated for formerly homeless tenants. Also in Queens is TQN1003 1415 Mott Avenue, a preservation project to be developed by Metropolitan Real Estate Development. Of the 42 new homes the development will add to the area, nine are designated for formerly homeless tenants. The tax credit award will help to improve conditions of the structure for existing and new low-income tenants.

In the Bronx, Betances VI is a new construction project that will be developed by a partnership consisting of Lemle and Wolff, Alembic Development, and The Bridge. The development will comprise 101 new homes with 30 designated for formerly homeless tenants. Also within the borough is Marion Creston Apartments, a new construction project with the majority of units aimed for low-income residents. Developed by NFW Marion LLC, this development will have 43 new homes, with 13 designated for formerly homeless tenants.

The Norfolk Street Senior development, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, was also awarded. To be developed by Gotham Real Estate Developers, this project will bring 115 new homes with 18 designated for formerly homeless tenants.

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22 Comments on "HPD Awards $13.6 Million in Tax Credits for 583 Affordable Housing Units"

  1. I love the building in the photo here. ☺

  2. Does the LIHTC work for condos if the units are sponsored and guaranteed not to charge more than affordable rent to subleasers? If it’s only for rentals, it has limited use.
    Also, is there a limit for really large projects – multibillion dollars developments?

  3. Correction: a property with Tax Credits MUST offer lower rents, and they can’t have market rate units as of 2018. Low income housing is part of the loan agreement and mandated under IRS Section 42, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).

  4. Can low income residents apply too?, my family of 5 lives in a studio apartment for 10+ years

  5. Betsy Delossantos | December 19, 2020 at 7:52 pm | Reply

    Love the building in the photo

  6. Lorraine Givens | December 19, 2020 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    Yes yes I like it how can I get an application to one of these appartment. Thank you

  7. Im looking at the building so much !all I need is a one-bed room and ill pay for it every month im a hard working black Man
    a job !yes i do have a job . with no place to call home at this time .

  8. Lam trying to apply on new housing. Connect it will not let me put in my income .please asist me on what to do thanks .my email is [email protected]

  9. I work but have no decent living condition in a single room occupancy and share bathroom in hallway. I wish one day to have a decent bedroom

  10. Evelyn Fantauzzi | December 20, 2020 at 7:50 am | Reply

    I want a application so much l password my mother my daughter was a police officer and my brother too l leave my friend but l want to leave me alone ty so much studio I’m 62year old

  11. Evelyn Fantauzzi | December 20, 2020 at 7:55 am | Reply

    Bronx ty so much

  12. IAM confused how is they putting all these affordable homes when your income is like. 46.000 and up how is that affordable. Affordable means low income $29.000 or below. Make me understand where you get your number if it suppose to be affordable to RICH. PLEASE BE ADVIDED. AND YOU CAN GO ATL AND GET A 4 BEDROOM HOUSE FOR $1800 MONTH NOW THATS AFFORDABLE. PLEASE BE ADVISABLE ?

  13. All these buildings going up formix use affordable low income people and now u have to be making 35,000 and up to be qualified what about people who r making less and cannot qualify for this what happen to those people

  14. petrone s philip | December 20, 2020 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    I have the old housing connect account.It is very difficult to get the new housing connect.I have tried numerous times with no luck.
    Can someone please let the public know how to make new account for the latest housing connect version?

  15. Can I please get an application.Or any info on how to recieve one.Ty

  16. The building looks nice.Will you be sending out applications .I would like one

  17. R u saying that the Low income people are not guaranteed an apartment because it’s not really for them

  18. Margarita Almestica | December 28, 2020 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    I need three bedrooms apartment I have HRA i dont now is they accepted programs but I liked.Margarita

  19. Hello
    How are you I’m looking forward meeting you
    Me and my daughter is looking for an 2 bedroom apartment we have been trying for years how can we get an Application to apply we’re good people go to church we need a place that we can call home thank you have bless and wonderful New York.

  20. Hey and blessings looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom for me and my son that’s 13 teen and my would love to apply

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