Two Manhattan West Steadily Ascending in Midtown West

Rendering of Two Manhattan West (left) and One Manhattan West (right). Designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill

Construction is rising steadily at Two Manhattan West, a 935-foot-tall commercial skyscraper in Midtown West and number ten on our countdown of the tallest projects under construction in New York. Designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill and developed by Brookfield, the 58-story structure is rising directly to the south of the completed One Manhattan West, its 996-foot-tall fraternal twin. Two Manhattan West is rising at the corner of West 31st Street and Ninth Avenue and will feature the same architectural design like its northern sibling with yield 2 million square feet of office space at an expected cost of $2 billion.

Recent photos show the degree of progress that has occurred since YIMBY’s last visit in late June, when the steel superstructure had just begun to rise above street level. Now, the building has reached the seventh office level above the podium and mechanical floors.

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

The steelwork has reached the stage of repetitive floor plates, having surpassed the lower stories that feature diagonal beams to transfer loads down to the ground-floor columns. Like its taller sibling, Two Manhattan West will feature a transparent lobby showcasing the pedestal of its concrete core. Construction should continue at a steady pace for some time, and eventually accelerate with the subtle tapering of the massing as work nears the parapet.

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

Two Manhattan West is the final component in the five-building Manhattan West complex, joining the recently completed Pendry Hotel at Four Manhattan West and the Eugene, a 730-foot-tall residential skyscraper at Three Manhattan West. A central plaza connects the structures and facilitates public access to the renovated Five Manhattan West, which features a Whole Foods Market.

Four Manhattan West. Photo by Michael Young

YIMBY previously reported that Two Manhattan West is slated to be finished around 2022.

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21 Comments on "Two Manhattan West Steadily Ascending in Midtown West"

  1. I’m a big fan of One Manhattan West so I’m really excited to see how Two Manhattan West will turn out and how the siblings will look together. And so far, Two Manhattan West looks quite promising. I can’t wait to see it progress!

  2. Really one of SOM’s finest recent works. The first building is elegant and (as usual for SOM) beautifully detailed. I agree with Thomas above, the second one looks to be its equal.

  3. I love these twins, very simple but very sleek, and I love the curved corners.

  4. One Manhattan West is easily one of my favorite new buildings in the past decade. It was a marvel to watch it ascend and I glad to see its sibling rising. Look forward to the plazas completion and improvements along 9th Ave.

  5. PLEEESE ALWAYS INDICATE CROSS STREETS IN THE LEAD PARAGRAPH i.e. Where is One Manhattan West, Two Manhattan West, Five Manhattan West, etc. Thank you.

    • Have you been living in Mars, in a cave, with your fingers in your ears?!?! It’s Two Manhattan West for God’s sake. At least try and pretend like you know the absolute minimum about the premier development projects in NYC. For your homework assignment, you need to lookup where 1 Vanderbilt, Hudson Yards, and Central Park Tower are.

      • Are you for real? Most people who live in manhattan have no clue about these completely made-up marketing-driven addresses. And we don’t care either.

    • midtown neighbor | December 23, 2020 at 11:36 am | Reply

      Manhattan West is the development between w31st-w33rd St & 9th& 10th ave. One & Two Manhattan west are on 9th Ave (31st & 33rd St). Check them out. They are beautiful.

  6. They look like a couple who are mad at each other. The only leaning building with any merit is in Pisa. No one ever attempted to imitate that look for centuries until recently. Pisa was an engineering mistake. This is intentional architectural malpractice.

  7. I think it blocks the view towards Empire State Building from “Edge NYC”. That’s the only reason why it could be a bit smaller.

  8. That rendering at the top is really old to not show the wavy Pendry hotel or the new mirrored glass façade on what is now Five Manhattan West. That said, I think One and Two Manhattan West make a good composition across 9th Avenue from the old post office building.

  9. “finest recent works”?

    These buildings are so ugly. I question how anyone would pay architects to design something so wrong. It is a stick of butter with slight SLIGHT angled slices. Ugh!

  10. If you’re going to do glassy, these towers are the way to do it. So striking. And I absolutely LOVE the sculptural lobby of 1MW.

  11. Blah & Blah

  12. This complex is turning out better than its renderings. Very well done.

  13. People will rapidly tire of occupying these drunk looking twisted glass boxes in the middle of nowhere.

  14. Great project and this neighborhood continues to excel

  15. Kenneth N. DeFilippo | January 5, 2021 at 9:47 am | Reply

    K. DeFilippo, Principal, Integrated Building Management:
    Was quite impressed with the design of the structural steel skeletons forming the superstructure at One MW.
    Clearly, the iron workers had their jobs cut out for them while “weaving” the X beams throughout the exterior skin of this massive structure.

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