Exterior Work Progresses On Topped-Out 76 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan

76 Eighth Avenue. Exterior designed by RAAD Studios

Construction has topped out at 76 Eighth Avenue, a ten-story commercial building in Chelsea. The facade was originally designed by Gene Kaufman Architect but YIMBY was recently informed that the redesign with the darker steel exterior that we’ve been seeing is part of a collaboration with RAAD Studios. Sang Lee, Noviprop, and Plus Development are still the developers of the 120-foot-tall structure, which is planned to yield 30,000 square feet of office space and ground-floor retail. The property is located at the intersection of West 14th Street and Eighth Avenue.

Recent photos show the progress that has occurred since our last visit in October, when the steel superstructure was one story away from its parapet. Since then, work has progressed on the exterior of the frame, which has received secondary layers of steel that will eventually support the final black metal paneling. The thicker columns currently sit wrapped in a protective blue film, while the horizontal beams at the edges of the floor plates and the diagonal supports at the northeastern corner have been painted white.

76 Eighth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

76 Eighth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

76 Eighth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

76 Eighth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

76 Eighth Avenue. Photo by Michael Young

While the final floor has been constructed, work has yet to begin on the tenth-story frame that will cap the structure with an open-air grid of square voids. This will eventually frame a landscaped outdoor rooftop space lined with glass railings and shrubbery. Another outdoor terrace will be found on the sixth floor, where the structure sets back from the sidewalk on both the northern and western sides. Transit access from the site is incredibly convenient, with the A, C, E, and subterranean walkway to the L train located immediately in front of the property.

Below are three new renderings that show what the interior space is going to look like.

The office space inside 76 Eighth Avenue. Rendering by Plus Design Studios

The office space inside 76 Eighth Avenue. Rendering by Plus Design Studios

The office space inside 76 Eighth Avenue. Rendering by Plus Design Studios

YIMBY has an updated completion date for 76 Eighth Avenue with occupancy scheduled for later this summer.

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14 Comments on "Exterior Work Progresses On Topped-Out 76 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan"

  1. I’m holding out hope that this will turn out like the rendering but I’m still trying to wrap my mind around why any developer would hire Gene Kaufmann for a site like this.

  2. It’s almost as if Gene Kaufman is becoming a not-horrible architect.

    • I wouldn’t say that. I think this one is just among a few exceptions. 😒

    • You’ve been lulled into complacency by his extraordinarily hopeless and pathetic portfolio. This one isn’t good: it’s a terrible neighbor to Bill Pederson’s project, and it completely ignores the importance of a significant corner.

      Kaufmann remains awful, and even if this turns out to be not horrid, it makes GK no more an architect than the proverbial monkey randomly typing Shakespeare makes the monkey a writer.

  3. Hey! Gene Kaufman Architects are finally constructing something that looks somewhat NORMAL yet also very similar to the renderings.
    No bland concrete walls or setbackless slender monstrosities, nor tricking us with a wacky design but then giving up and just making it look like effortless crap. Yes, architects have many other more technical obstacles when designing a building, but they should at least try to make the overall building look somewhat respectable.
    Anyways, I’m happy to see that 76 Eighth Avenue is an exception. I’m happy to see it top out. Nice work. 👍

  4. Thanks for the photo showing the bank building across the street- it puts the location into context vs. just pix of sites & buildings alone.

  5. Really very nice, and hopefully not a complete outlier going forward.

  6. not execrable

  7. Anyone else notice how the buildings to the left of it in the rendering are not the same as what it’s next to in real life?

  8. David : Sent From Heaven. | January 24, 2021 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    What had happened on the structure I can reach and feeling, flirtations with its facade that I hope to see next: Thank you.

  9. welp this is our intersection and i am beyond the beyond of belief that gene the hack kaufman is capable of pulling something this nice off, but so far so good. i can hear the work noise so i can report they are working non stop on it now after some early delays. i do miss lee’s grungy deli/poolhall, but that was an old ny and i am glad the owner is still involved because we all liked them. i am also very glad its an office bldg not an apt bldg.

  10. Why does NYIMBY continually place this building in the wrong neighborhood? It’s in Greenwich (or The West) Village. Chelsea is on the other side of 14th street.

  11. Spectacular

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