Tishman Speyer Acquires Edgemere Commons Affordable Housing Complex in ​Edgemere, Queens

Aerial view of Edgemere Commons - Aufgang ArchitectsAerial view of Edgemere Commons - Aufgang Architects

Tishman Speyer has purchased the vast majority of Edgemere Commons, a forthcoming affordable housing complex in ​Edgemere, Queens. The development site is located on the former Peninsula Hospital complex in the Rockaways,​ which comprises 9.34 acres.

The project was originally announced by The Arker Companies, but appeared to stall for two years with little progress made. In a​n acquisition​ valued at $90 million, Tishman Speyer acquired ten of 11 building sites that will eventually debut as Edgemere Commons.

When complete, the entire complex will comprise 2.2 million square feet and create 2,050 apartments, including 237 that will be set aside for seniors. Additional components include 973 parking spaces, 38,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space, 77,000 square feet of community spaces, and 72,000 square feet of neighborhood-oriented retail including a supermarket, a fitness center, food and beverage destinations, and general retail.

​All of the buildings are designed by Aufgang Architects.

“Edgemere Commons will increase the availability of affordable housing in Far Rockaway and bring many amenities that will benefit both existing and future residents,” said Queens borough president Donovan Richards Jr. “The planned supermarket is especially needed in this community, which is considered a food desert because of its lack of easy access to healthy and nutritious food.”

Aerial view of publicly accessible outdoor spaces at Edgemere Commons- Aufgang Architects

Aerial view of publicly accessible outdoor spaces at Edgemere Commons- Aufgang Architects

Street view of Edgemere Commons - Aufgang Architects

Street view of Edgemere Commons – Aufgang Architects

Edgemere Commons is the first all-affordable project undertaken through TS Communities, Tishman Speyer’s affordable housing development platform led by managing director Gary Rodney, a former president of the New York City Housing Development Corporation. The project is expected to create 350 temporary construction and related trade jobs, up to 650 permanent jobs, and is anticipated to generate $1.5 billion in economic activity.

​Tishman Speyer has also announced a $2 million Community Benefits and Youth Development Fund.

“We are proud to join the Edgemere community and look forward to working with residents and local elected officials to advance the three key pillars of Edgemere Commons: affordability, community, and resiliency,” said Rodney. “Our team is committed to building community and connection by focusing on what people need to make their lives and their neighborhoods better.”

The Arker Companies, in partnership with Slate Property Group, will break ground on the first Edgemere Commons building in 2022. That project will create 194 apartments and a 20,000-square-foot supermarket. Tishman Speyer affiliates will develop, own, and manage the remaining ten buildings, including the retail, community, and public spaces.

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12 Comments on "Tishman Speyer Acquires Edgemere Commons Affordable Housing Complex in ​Edgemere, Queens"

  1. David in Bushwick | November 21, 2021 at 9:33 am | Reply

    Wow, what an impressive project! I hope they plan for flooding.


  3. You failed to mention
    Number of One , two , three bedroom apartment’s
    Most important income levels
    Why ?
    because as ,usual most supposedly
    Affordable Housing really isn’t
    Affordable for the
    People in the neighborhood

  4. …. And the Criminals will come pouring in to hunt… followed by local officials & politicians to line their pockets… hope they hire Armed/Private Security Forces down there!!

  5. Ppl here are horrible and have to deal with that alone and now they want to bring more problems. It’s crowded enough and hard to find parking now it will get worse cuz I know for a fact they ain’t charging 75 dollars for the yr to have their tenants to park there. Someone pls buy me out. You can try to change the neighborhood but you definitely can’t change these ppl here

  6. To many people they trying to move here its ridiculous. We have 1 hospital which it’s not even that good. And not enough schools or childcare. Why don’t they build another hospital, more schools and a P.A.L for these youth and little ones to get them off the streets especially in the summer that’s more important than telling us a healthy supermarket is what we need and what yall trying to say by that anyways. Yall better look at the crime rate here I don’t think a healthy supermarket will change that

  7. They left that parking lot in the rendering…should be a building there no?

  8. Please I’m waiting for the opening of the soundview housing on Watson, in need of an apartment, I’m retired living on a pension…

  9. Virgie Glover | April 18, 2022 at 1:33 pm | Reply

    How do I apply for seniors apartment in Edgemere Commons

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