Updated Plans Revealed for 231 East 94th Street Skyscraper on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

231 East 94th Street. Designed by Hill West Architects

Revised plans have been announced for 231 East 94th Street, an upcoming 46-story residential skyscraper in the Yorkville section of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Designed by Hill West Architects and developed by The Chapman Group, the 524-foot-tall structure will span 385,831 square feet and yield 452 units in studio- to two-bedroom layouts with 113 of the homes dedicated to affordable housing, as well as ground floor commercial and community facility spaces and a rear yard. The development will replace two low-rise parking garages, an auto repair shop, and a vacant five-story apartment building between Second and Third Avenues.

The project is part of an ongoing ULURP review process by the Department of City Planning, which is evaluating the rezoning of the former manufacturing district. The process began in mid-October and is planned to conclude in May 2024. The developer purchased the pair of garages for $37.5 million in 2016, and the vacant apartment building is owned by Norvin Partners.

Renderings and diagrams of 231 East 94th Street show a symmetrical building massing with a four-story podium along East 94th Street. The main tower features a conventional stack of rectangular floor plates that culminates with a tall mechanical bulkhead. The skyscraper is positioned in the center of the main photo above, and is depicted clad in what appears to be a red brick façade.

231 East 94th Street. Designed by Hill West Architects

231 East 94th Street. Designed by Hill West Architects

Initial plans called for a building with 500 apartments and 150 affordable units, and a larger community facility space measuring 24,700 square feet on the ground floor and cellar level. The floor count and architectural height of 524 feet, including the bulkhead, remain the same. The Chapman Group is seeking to acquire neighboring air rights from the western half of the city block.

The majority of units will be one-bedrooms spanning between 483 to 697 square feet, which the largest two-bedrooms measuring 1,200 square feet on the sixth floor of the building.

When completed, 231 East 94th Street would be amongst the tallest structures to rise over the Upper East Side. The nearest subway from the property is the Q train at the 96th Street station along Second Avenue. Further west is the 6 train at the 96th Street station on Lexington Avenue.

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51 Comments on "Updated Plans Revealed for 231 East 94th Street Skyscraper on Manhattan’s Upper East Side"

  1. The picture shows a much smaller red brick building than the planned one will be. Totally deceptive and shameful. The shadow of this building will reach down to 90 th St and Lexington Av. at certain times. Please print all the facts truthfully.

  2. What is that massive taller glass building a few blocks away?

  3. Forget that building – what is the gigantic one behind it?! I live in the 70s – does that building exist? Or is it just placed there to make the building in question look small? I see on Maps that the site where that building seems to be located is vacant . . . is that a project coming that is not mentioned here? If so then that will have a far greater impact on the east 90s than the building in question.

  4. Hill &^ West-ever sucking it up to developers, ever mediocre

  5. OMG the sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    • Man I can’t wait until they build a skyscraper next to your home and watch you instantly become a NIMBY

      • If I lived amongst a forest of highrises on the UES I would have no such opposition. Sometimes a little selfishness is justified and pushback a good thing. This is not one of those situations. These NIMBYs are totally unreasonable – and apparantly also blind.

        • But you don’t live on the upper east side, so I’ll bet you anything that if a skyscraper was built next to your home you would INSTANTLY BECOME A NIMBY

          • Abraham.White | October 30, 2023 at 11:30 am |

            Guesser, if you live in nyc, do you really expect the city not to build?!? I’ll be hard pressed to find a person that believes there won’t be any new skyscraper construction, or thinks buildings should only go up next door to people’s homes that advocate for growth out of that person’s spite. Oh wait, that piece of crap person is you 🙄😒

            Go live somewhere else if you can’t handle change and construction. Some transplant would easily take your place

      • Guesser, I wish Hamas would free all their hostages and take you instead. That would finally put to rest your tiresome, overplayed, and close-minded view of New York City. If you don’t like the city, go somewhere else. We could use one less selfish prick like you

        • Kevin
          I guess you haven’t got laid in awhile and that is why you’re in such a bad mood?
          I can make a phone call for you if that is the problem?

          • Sorry I don’t want your phone number Guesser. I’m not a fan of wanting your PIECE OF CRAP offers from a cunt

          • Telling someone to get laid as a comeback is so immature, perverted, and childish of you Guesser. Doesn’t help contribute to anything at all except revealing the thoughts of a troubled man child. I bet you’re the kind whiny brat & sore loser that gets rattled by a woman smarter than you and copes with profanity-laced outbursts.

          • Guesser, please seek serious help and GTFO of NYC if you don’t like it.

      • And Guesser, looks like you’ve completely turned 180, going against 113 affordable housing units, unlike your preachment advocating for more affordable housing in NYC. This isn’t overpriced luxury condo towers on billionaires row dude, but sure cry a River about a modest construction site until they open the front doors to the first residents…

      • A plan that calls for several hundreds of new housing units, both market rate and affordable, while replacing a parking garage and an empty old residence, and you STILL have the audacity to get outraged by it? You’ve reached a new low Guesser. Stay in the hole you keep digging yourself into; at least you won’t complain about buildings being built next to you

      • Gubser I bet you ain’t tough enough to be a New Yorker if you do is keep complaining about a city filled with skyscrapers. If you can’t tolerate density and being around so many people at once, I bet you definitely can’t tolerate standing in a crowded subway during rush hour

        • Hey Pete

          Everyone like you sitting behind their keyboards are real men and tough and FYI I haven’t been on a subway in awhile so I can’t tell you about any crowded subway stations.

      • Let us all gather for a moment of silence and remembrance for every innocent victim Gubser/Guesser/Guessers attacked using that banal statement, and pray for his scourge to one day end 🙏

        • Alex,
          Scourge? Innocent victims?!
          Wow! what a melodramatic overstatement
          I really hope you have better things to do with your time than pray about me.
          THIS IS JUST A COMMENT SECTION OF A YIMBY WEBSITE , shouldn’t get too worked up about it my friend

  6. Looks like a nice addition to the area and is not so grossly monstrous or completely glassy

  7. David McKendrick | October 28, 2023 at 12:32 pm | Reply

    Finally more housing and density in an otherwise underutilized plot of land. Hope this gets built soon

    • More housing for ultra rich upper east side millionaires and 150 affordable units , in other words 150 INCOME LINKED UNITS AT 130% AMI for upper income people only.

  8. hat a disaster for the neighborhood.
    Shadows from this building will forever change the character of Yorville.
    So sad

    • Deranged.

      How cannany serious person not acknowledge the reality that dozens of other highrises already exist in this neighborhood and neither those nor this one is going to “forever change the character of Yorville” because of a shadow.

      • you call what this building will bring A shadow?
        What an understatement
        How about no sunlight in the neighborhood for blocks from this mid block behometh

    • Huh? It is no taller than all the buildings around it. The East 90’s have very few tall buildings compared to the 70’s and 80’s.

    • Looks like a fraternal twin to dozens of skyscrapers and high rises in the immediate area, so NO, there will be no change in the character of Yorkville.

    • Chastising this upcoming building, yet being silent about all the other even older towers in Yorkville that already existed? Make it make sense 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      • So because there are other towers , it’s ok to build as many new skyscrapers as we can and lose all the low rise buildings currently there?

    • You clearly don’t make any sense Guesser, what about all the other tall buildings in the neighborhood and the rest of New York City? You gonna cry yourself to death about each one of them too?

    • Guesser, if you’re going to pester and berate me and everyone else, do us all a favor and learn how to spell correctly…

      “[hat] a disaster…”


      So much for being an expert on New York City, but I’ve lowered my expectations of you a long time ago 🙄

  9. How much per square Foot( or square metre) will the New apts cost in this building?

  10. Man what a sh*storm in the comments, nice job letting your intrusive thoughts take over you Guesser/Gubser…

    • no problemo
      It’s amazing how YIMBYS get so worked up about a comment section of a website.
      There have got to be better ways to spend your time folks

      • William Gutierrez | October 31, 2023 at 12:58 pm | Reply

        Yet you cared enough to comment back. Nice new nickname you made for yourself Guyser

        And FYI I’m a NIMBY myself who loathes the sight of these skinny luxury towers going up everywhere. But you being against affordable housing and increasing density on this patch of land is ridiculous and just plain stupid of you. You don’t even deserve to call yourself a NIMBY if you don’t even know what you’re supposed to be for and against

  11. no problemo
    It’s amazing how YIMBYS get so worked up about a comment section of a website.
    There have got to be better ways to spend your time folks

    • Then why aren’t you doing what you preach then? Why is it fair for you to insult people the way you do and victimize yourself when getting called out? It’d be sad to know acting like a Karen on here is what you consider a good use of your time Guesser

  12. BTW, according to this article the number of affordable apartments has been reduced from 150 to 113 in the latest redesign of the building.
    The level of discourse by “both sides” is a turnoff to most of us who actually live here.
    Development can be good but if there is no accountability many strange things happen that are not healthy for the neighborhood. Parks and history have been destroyed to make way for hideous monstrous buildings with little community input so people are of course suspicious of projects that are rammed through with little input and oversight. It has happened before. Perhaps a new building where old garages are located would be a good thing. But does it have to be 46 stories, 550ft tall and cast more shadows and eliminate light and have no public park?
    The neighborhood has history. Lou Gehrig was born down the street. Rupert Brewery was owned by the owner of the NY Yankees, responsible for bringing Babe Ruth to NY. It was part of the neighborhood from the 1860’s to the late 1960’s along with numerous other smaller breweries, shops, butchers, restaurants etc. Many old tenements along with beautiful brownstones are still in the neighborhood. Should they be razed or crowded out the way they do in Hong Kong and China?There should be thoughtful consideration given for preserving history as well as keeping light and creating more greenspace when developing new housing.
    That is what most people are concerned about.

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