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1058 62nd Street

Three-Story, Six-Unit Residential Project Coming to 1058 62nd Street, Dyker Heights

A Brooklyn-based property owner has filed applications for a three-story, six-unit residential project at 1058 62nd Street, located in the northern end of Dyker Heights. The new building will measure 7,080 square feet and its residential units should average 885 square feet apiece. It’s unclear whether the apartments will be rentals or condominiums, but laundry facilities will be provided. Brooklyn-based A Pus Design & Remodeling is the architect of record. The 40-foot-wide, 4,000-square-foot plot is occupied by a two-and-a-half-story house. Demolition permits have not been filed.

206-30 46th Avenue

Twin Two-Story, Two-Family Houses Coming To 206-30 46th Avenue, Bayside

A Queens-based property owner has filed applications for twin two-story, two-family semi-detached houses at 206-30 46th Avenue, in southern Bayside. The houses will measure 2,601 square feet each, and across both, their residential units should average 900 square feet apiece. Each building will feature a single enclosed parking space. Brooklyn-based A+ Design & Remodeling is the architect of record. The 50-foot-wide, 2,500-square-foot property is occupied by a single-story garage. Demolition permits were filed in August.

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