2702 West 15th Street

Three-Story Manufacturing Building Planned for 2702 West 15th Street, Coney Island

SO Development Enterprises has filed applications for a three-story, 53-foot-tall manufacturing warehouse at the vacant parcel 2702 West 15th Street, on Coney Island near the Coney Island Creek. The building will measure 23,810 square feet, and Walter Marin of Marin Architects PC is designing. Filings were also submitted in January, but the latest plans have increased the scope of the project by 4,700 square feet.

2208 Boller Avenue

Baptist Church Coming To 2208 Boller Avenue, Co-Op City

Co-Op City Baptist Church has filed applications for a three-story, nearly 17,500 square-foot religious building — fit with a sanctuary, office and class rooms, and a paster’s suite — at the bottom of Co-Op City in Baychester. The project is located at the vacant parcel at 2208 Boller Avenue, and Guy P. Romain is designing.