432 Park Avenue

Construction Update: 432 Park Avenue

The weekly 432 Park Avenue update continues the obvious theme: the building is climbing at a reliably rapid rate. Besides its continued ascent – the superstructure is approaching the 600-foot mark, and will pass it…

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110 Madison Avenue

Construction Update: 110 Madison Avenue

110 Madison Avenue is going vertical, with the future 17-story building now standing two floors above street level. The development will eventually hold 18 condominiums, catering to the NoMad’s boutique luxury segment; the area has…

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400 West 57th Street

Renovation Imminent: 400 West 57th Street

After decades of waiting, action is finally beginning on the decrepit Windermere, located at 400 West 57th Street. The building stands as a legacy of Hell’s Kitchen’s tumultuous history; while it is an architectural gem,…

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