Construction Update: One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Work is beginning to wrap up at One World Trade Center, which saw its antenna completed this past May. The 1,368-foot supertall dominates the World Trade Center site, though its reign will not be permanent; 200 Greenwich, aka Two World Trade Center, will rise 1,350 feet, blunting the impact of One World Trade on the skyline. That assumes 200 Greenwich eventually gets built, which – at this point – looks unlikely.

Besides minor ongoing facade installation, most of the remaining work is on the tower’s interior. Designed by SOM, it seems the metal strips that define the edges of the tower’s isosceles-shaped sides are already turning a slight shade of yellow; likely a result of air pollution, but proof that smartphone-age materials remain susceptible to classic problems. Given One World Trade Center’s enormous price tag, maintenance funding is probably not a major concern – but it’s disheartening that the metal is already taking on an unexpected hue.

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