Construction Update: One World Trade Center

One World Trade CenterOne World Trade Center

Work is beginning to wrap up at One World Trade Center, which saw its antenna completed this past May. The 1,368-foot supertall dominates the World Trade Center site, though its reign will not be permanent; 200 Greenwich, aka Two World Trade Center, will rise 1,350 feet, blunting the impact of One World Trade on the skyline. That assumes 200 Greenwich eventually gets built, which – at this point – looks unlikely.

Besides minor ongoing facade installation, most of the remaining work is on the tower’s interior. Designed by SOM, it seems the metal strips that define the edges of the tower’s isosceles-shaped sides are already turning a slight shade of yellow; likely a result of air pollution, but proof that smartphone-age materials remain susceptible to classic problems. Given One World Trade Center’s enormous price tag, maintenance funding is probably not a major concern – but it’s disheartening that the metal is already taking on an unexpected hue.

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4 Comments on "Construction Update: One World Trade Center"

  1. What? They aren’t contructing 2 WTC? Great dissapoinment I was looking forward to seeing it take shape.

  2. New York YIMBY | July 31, 2013 at 1:19 pm |

    They may or may not; at the moment it seems to be on near-permanent hold. Silverstein has publicly committed to building the tower, but current indications are that there is no substantial demand, especially with the competition from Hudson Yards and Brookfield’s Manhattan West. There is still major space to be leased at 175 Greenwich as well, which only just received a commitment for a lease.

    There was some chance at construction prior to the verdict regarding the 9/11 damages, but the court ruled in favor of the airlines – so 200 Greenwich could still rise, but any progress before 2020 or so would seem unlikely at this point, given the lack of demand. They did build the massive foundation already, so the base is there.

    It’s a question of when not if, but whether the current design survives till that time remains to be seen.

  3. I have always been curious as to why they did not build 2 WTC before three and especially before four? Obviously 2 WTC is one of the more unique towers around and in theory would be easier to lease because of it’s perception as a prestigious tower and address. This tower has already appeared on one motion picture that I think of… any thoughts or info on this?

  4. Just wondering when do the World Trade Centers officially open? Like the grand opening

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