Model of New Chelsea Market Expansion: Hotel & Office Addition

Here are some photos of a model from inside Chelsea Market, which shows both phases of the future development. You can see the component above what is currently Buddakan, which is supposed to be a hotel, as well as the large office portion on the 10th Avenue side of the building. Chelsea Market, formerly a Nabisco factory, is a huge destination for tourists and New Yorkers alike.

Neither part of the addition is particularly intrusive, and the taller office component doesn’t even approach twenty floors in height. Another important note is that a new hotel is beginning construction across from Chelsea Market on 15th Street, further increasing the area’s density (Google is headquartered across the street, as well). The rise of a 25-story hotel across the street begs the question: why is Chelsea Market’s far shorter expansion such a big deal?

Chelsea is definitely no Midtown, but is the added density really that big of a deal? Even with the additions, Chelsea Market looks neither enormous nor hulking, and is still shorter than the public housing projects across 16th Street.

Chelsea Market expansion model: hotel at center, office on upper right

Chelsea Market Expansion Model

Chelsea Market Expansion Model

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