Construction Update: Calatrava’s Transit Hub

World Trade Center Transit HubWorld Trade Center Transit Hub

Calatrava’s Transit Hub is now rising out of its enormous pit, and the first sign of visible progress is the beginning of the steel spine which will connect all of the enormous ‘wings,’ the Transit Hub’s most distinguishing design element. The terminal will eventually reach 150 feet in height, far greater than the current stub, and the Hub will be an integral part of the new World Trade Center.

With construction wrapping up on both One World Trade and 150 Greenwich, the greater World Trade Center site is now two years away from regaining some semblance of normalcy; the completion of the Transit Hub will be pivotal in returning the site back to the pedestrian realm.

The Transit Hub’s cost has skyrocketed to $3.9 billion, which is almost as much as One World Trade Center – originally, the project was expected to cost $1.9 billion. No design is justified by such an exorbitant price-tag, and though the Transit Hub will probably look phenomenal, $3.9 billion could certainly have been spent on far better things.

Completion of the Transit Hub is expected for 2015, which is one year after Fulton Center is expected to open – taken together, the opening of both train stations will have a dramatic impact on the Financial District, which will finally have dramatic, visible, and attractive focal points for mass transit.

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3 Comments on "Construction Update: Calatrava’s Transit Hub"

  1. Ask Australia about return on investment in their opera house.

  2. jerryinchelsea | June 11, 2013 at 5:42 pm |

    Are you sure that the Fulton Center is NOT expected to open around June 2014, coincidentially the same time as the #7 train extension?

  3. Nikolai Fedak | June 11, 2013 at 7:19 pm |

    Correct, per Lower Manhattan Info – though it may open at the same time as the 7, the 7 is going to a completely undeveloped area that will see a boom. Fulton Center’s location is already mostly built-out.

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