More Affordable Houses Coming to Nehemiah Spring Creek in East New York

The modular homes at Nehemiah Spring Creek. photo via Alexander Gorlin ArchitectsThe modular homes at Nehemiah Spring Creek. photo via Alexander Gorlin Architects

Last summer, the Daily News reported that the city was dragging its feet on building gas, sewer, and electric lines for the final phases of Nehemiah Spring Creek’s affordable housing development in East New York. Now, wheels are cranking into motion at the city housing agencies. Building applications have been filed for the fourth stage of the project.

On Friday, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development submitted plans for 57 single- and two-family homes. Reps from the agency tell us this phase of construction, 4A, will bring 83 one- and two-family houses to the neighborhood. They’ll rise on a far-flung lot near the southern Brooklyn coast, tucked behind the Gateway Center Mall and semi-wilderness of Spring Creek Park.

Each of the homes will have 1,640 square feet of residential space and one parking spot. So far, plans have been filed for 407-419, 418-450, 474-507 Schroeders Avenue, 1218-1235 Jerome Street, and 714-728 Walker Street.

The city is almost finished installing sewers and water mains, and they’re ready to turn the site over to Con Ed, National Grid and Verizon to add electric lines, gas, and internet, according to HPD.

Ultimately, the final stages of Spring Creek are expected to bring 225 homes and 1,295 apartments to the vast, empty plots next to mall.

The most recent crop of houses went up for sale through a lottery in 2014, when prices for a single-family home started at $225,000 and went up to $300,000. A family of four who wanted to buy needed to earn a minimum of $52,000 a year and no more than $109,070.

Cobble Hill-based Delacour, Ferrara and Church Architects applied for the permits. We’re not sure if they’ll design the homes, but we hope the architects behind this phase are as innovative as designers of the first crop of houses. Alexander Gorlin Architects helped design nearly 300 modular townhouses for the first three phases of Nehemiah Spring Creek. Capsys, a modular manufacturer, assembled them in its factory at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and then shipped them on trucks to the southeastern corner of the borough. Unfortunately, Capsys couldn’t afford to renew its lease at the Yard, and the company shut its doors there in March.

The firm will relocate its operations to Pennsylvania, Curbed reported in February. But many developers, faced with the complexity and cost of transporting modules from 150 miles outside the city, are deciding to go back to traditional construction methods.

We don’t know what will happen with the next phase of East New York’s sprawling affordable housing complex. East Brooklyn Congregations—through the Nenehmiah Housing Development Fund—is developing the project.

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46 Comments on "More Affordable Houses Coming to Nehemiah Spring Creek in East New York"

  1. Cute building with 12 bar of windows, upright way and good face on view.

  2. it’s a shame they couldn’t find a deal to stay in the navy yard – would have been nice to see Brooklyn manufacturing it’s own housing instead of allowing PA to reap the benefits of our businesses paying rent.

  3. when is phase 3 of Nehemiah is expected to be open to the buyers?They called people back in 2014 but nothing is heard again since then. pls why this delay?

  4. Floyd w Booker | August 18, 2016 at 3:18 am |

    How do you apply for a Nehemiah home

  5. In June 2014, I received a letter from Nehemiah housing with a number stating that I’m on the waiting list and that’s the last that I heard of them. I went to where they had Thier offices at spring creek, I was told that they have moved to Queens. Now I don’t know what became of my application.

    • Yes they called people already.

    • Yes they called people already. Every house is bought already. People are just waiting to close. Once they call you, they tell you to bring the suggested amount so that they can hold the house for you. All the person has to do is wait for closing. So if they didn’t call you by now, it’s because the houses are already purchased. Buy don’t worry because some people might get cold feet at the last minute and back out of the deal at the closing. If that happens, they will call people again at the last minute. So they still might call you. Just be patient.

    • A family member just got a call this past Friday saying they had homes available. Wavecrest management has taken over the selection process.

  6. Are these houses still only by lottery

  7. Has anyone heard anymore regarding their application? I was told in Nov. 2014 that my application was successful. I haven’t heard a thing since, and I keep checking online to see if there is any additional information as to what successful applicants can do. No information at all!

    • Yes. They called me already. I had to bring a suggested down payment so that they could hold the house. All I have to do like the other people they had called,is wait for closing. But not everyone is going to go through with closing, that was explained to me by nehemiah staff. Some people get cold feet and pull out of the deal at the last minute or their finances may change and they might get rejected as result. If that happens, they will call people again. So just be patient.

      • Hi Shi.

        Did you hear anything back yet? I’m also in contract and saw some of the homes got their Occupancy Certs.

      • Have you heard anything back Shi. Saw some of the homes got their CoC.

        • Not yet. But I’m still in contract so every thing is just a waiting game for now.

          • I’m in contract also. Its been a long wait; wish they were better at communicating but I guess we can’t complain much. Please do update if you hear anything and I will do the same.
            All the best for the holidays.

  8. I apply 4 low income house 2 years ago months ago and I didn’t get any reply I went there to the office and I was told I have to come back in 6 months so how do I go about to get a low income house to buy are it is for special people

  9. Coretta George | September 2, 2016 at 7:00 am |

    DeAR sir/madam. I’ve recieved reply with a number which said I was successful applicant. A number with specific details not to call
    I’m in need of info. Please help me. Thanking you in anticipation.

  10. I’m been waiting for my lottery pick since September 2014 never heard nothing back yet.

  11. Antwoine noel | September 2, 2016 at 6:50 pm |

    I got a lottery number it’s been to years now they move to Queens what happen to my application this is antwoine noel

  12. Everyone who applied for the homes were assigned a list number. Interviews began in late 2014, so if you were not called in for an interview, you are on the waitlist for these houses, which have all been sold. As Shi posted, if for financial reasons, ‘cold feet’, or buyers look at the houses and decide it’s not what they expected or want, they can back out. If that happens, Nehemiah will contact people on the waitlist. If they are unable to get buyers from the waitlist, they will more than likely advertise any available homes for sale to the public like they did with 2 family homes in an earlier phase.

    Work is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Considering the amount of work left to be done by Monadnock as well as the city and utility companies, not to mention the inspections required for Certificates of Occupancy, to me it looks like buyers will move in in 2017, probably March/April. That’s just my guestimate, maybe they will prove me wrong.

    According to this article, they will begin constructing Phase 4A, which will also be via lottery. If you don’t get the opportunity to purchase a Phase 3b house, I would reapply when the announcement comes out for the Phase 4 homes. I heard from a current resident that the announcement is supposed to come out towards the end of this year. I would keep checking the NYC HPD website periodically for listings.

  13. So, if you was pulled from the lottery, does that me you are not guaranty a home?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by pulled from the lottery. If you received a response letter with a list number but didn’t get selected for an interview, no, you are not guaranteed one of the houses. Just in case people weren’t aware of this, these homes were in contract before construction even began. The people I know who bought houses in this development all went into contract before foundations were even laid. They put down payments on vacant lots. That’s the reason people can change their minds because they purchased sight unseen. Closing is projected to start soon (end of October) on some of the homes in the first cluster (Vandalia Avenue). If any of the homes don’t go to closing (finances changed, minds changed, etc), depending on your list number you could get called. Note that if that happens, you must have all your ducks in a row…income/employment/credit/qualify for mortgage/and have the cash readily available for the down payment and closing costs or they will move on to the next applicant until they exhaust the waiting list.

      • So I contacted the office managing Nehmiah homes. I was told all homes all fill in. If a home becomes available they will contact me. Currently, I am on the waiting list. They said the project is not close. If it is close they will send a letter.
        I don’t understand how is their a waiting list, but all homes are fill in.

  14. Does anyone happen to know when applications for the Nehemiah housing phase 4 will be available?

  15. Can anyone give me information on where to receive an application thanks.

  16. Hie, im tryin to apply for Any of this projects , how and where is the best way to do it , thanks

  17. Can anyone give me information on where to receive an application thanks.

  18. I have a log number. They did get to it yet. Does anyone know if you borrow down payment from your annuity will this not make you eligable?

    • It shouldn’t, unless the re-payment is an amount, along with any other bills you have, mathematically makes the mortgage payments unaffordable for you.

  19. I just recently gave my 2015 income return and pay stubs a few weeks ago, but know one followed up since then, i wish they could let us know more on how the process is developing.

  20. Ever since the first set of houses were built I have been asking about getting an application but never got an answer, I have been living in a basement in East NY for over 15 years, brought up my kids there and still waiting for help. I am a single parent, my daughter lives with me and you could imagine living in a studio without much ventilation. I need a place to live.

    • I’m not a rep or anything. But for the last couple of years most applications have been released online via NYC Housing Connect; Haven’t run across any that still gives in person applications. Most management offices are rude and won’t offer much help either

      This lottery for the houses in-progress now has been closed/selected since late 2014. But looks like they’ll be doing another in 2017 for the other side of gateway so keep checking online and apply to as many lotteries as you can. Best of luck.

  21. I submitted my 2015 paystubs, income tax last week. I ask how long is the process and was told they have not reached my log # yet. So, I guess still have to wait.

  22. How can I buy a low income house in Brooklyn now

  23. How can I buy a low income house in Brooklyn now. I have being looking in this web side hopping to find a application for a low income house but I have never find it.

    • There is no such thing as buying a low income houses in this state, that’s why they call it affordable homes. Meaning, you have to be able to afford it. They have strick income guidelines so if you don’t make enough, they will deny you. These houses are over 400,000 so tell me if that’s low income.

  24. I was selected from the lottery in 2014. As of now I haven’t received any call back. Is there a number or email that I can reach use to reach out the organisation thats in control ?

  25. Hi Jose ramirez. To answer your question about buying “low income houses,” there aren’t any in new York. These houses are called affordable houses which means you have to make a certain amount of money to qualify.

  26. So I contacted the office managing Nehmiah homes. I was told all homes all fill in. If a home becomes available they will contact me. Currently, I am on the waiting list. They said the project is not close. If it is close they will send a letter.

    I don’t understand how is their a waiting list, but all homes are fill in.

  27. I spoke with someone at the mangement office. I was told all homes are fill in. I am on the waiting list.

    I don’t understand how are ” people are on waiting list and all homes are fill in? She also said the project is not close. Once its close a letter will be sent.

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