Permits Filed: 1144 Evergreen Avenue, Soundview

1144 Evergreen Avenue, image via Google Maps1144 Evergreen Avenue, image via Google Maps

The loss of the 421-a tax abatement has certainly hurt development in the Bronx, but a few determined builders are still venturing out to parts of the borough where new construction is rare. Chelsea-based developer Kim Tasher has filed plans for a five-story residential and medical building at 1144 Evergreen Avenue, in the southeast Bronx neighborhood of Soundview.

The 67,500-square-foot development would fill half of a parking lot between Westchester and Watson avenues, two blocks from the Elder Avenue stop on the elevated 6 train. It would hold 73 apartments across 49,420 square feet of residential space, for average units of 670 square feet. The ground floor would have 18,000 square feet of medical offices and a lobby for the apartments.

There will also be a 37-car garage in the cellar, which is required by zoning. But few residents will probably need parking, because the majority of residents in New York City’s poorest neighborhoods simply don’t own cars. Census data indicates that two thirds of the population in Soundview relies only on public transit.

Badaly Architects applied for the permits Tasher’s LLC picked up the 22,500-square-foot vacant lot for $2,900,000 in June.

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5 Comments on "Permits Filed: 1144 Evergreen Avenue, Soundview"

  1. Plan can be used as a tool for developing, new set in purpose before construction start.

  2. Strange – because I see a whole lot d cars around there. Parking is usually scarce there like everywhere else in the city.

    • There may be lots of cars, but there are lots of people in general Evergreen Ave is located in one of the most densly populated areas in NYC. Few households have access to an auto and the train is down the block.

  3. The closing of this parking lot has been a burden for the residents in the area. It is very offensive to state that we do not need parking because we are in a poor neighborhood and rely on public transportation. Many of the residents are hard working Middle Class people with cars. The parking situation in this area has become a nightmare and will only get worse once construction begins here.

    • The parking here has always been difficult because of the population density and commercial activity on Westchester Ave. As a local I hope that the increased difficulty of owning an automobile makes more people opt out of using that mode of transportation so frequently. Dump the car and use mass transportation, walk, bike, uber/lyft or use a rental when needed. I’m ready for a cleaner, more walkable Bronx. The vast majority of residents don’t drive on a regular basis already, if at all.

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