33-Story, 270-Unit Mixed-Use Project Rises to 24th Floor at 120 Nassau Street, Downtown Brooklyn

120 Nassau Street120 Nassau Street. Rendering via SkyriseCities.

Construction is now 24 stories above street level on the 33-story, 270-unit mixed-use building under development at 120 Nassau Street, located on the corner of Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn. The progress on construction can be seen thanks to photos posted to the YIMBY Forums. The latest building permits indicate the 425-foot-tall tower will measure 312,093 square feet. The base will include 57,904 square feet of commercial space, in the form of retail on the ground floor and office space on floors two through eight. The residential units elsewhere in the tower should average 854 square feet apiece, indicative of rentals. The Clarett Group is the developer and Woods Bagot is the architect. Completion can probably be expected in late 2017.

120 Nassau Street

120 Nassau Street. Photo by 5Bfilms via the YIMBY forums.

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11 Comments on "33-Story, 270-Unit Mixed-Use Project Rises to 24th Floor at 120 Nassau Street, Downtown Brooklyn"

  1. First tower in Brooklyn in Modern Manhattan style, looks like more belongs to West Chelsea, near Hudson Yard project! Really Brooklyn became a New Manhattan, and don’t tell that this tower is dull, it’s really interesting addition for Downtown Brooklyn Skyline!!!

  2. Is anyone in NYYIMBY is ready to update information about almost top out tallest tower in Sheepshead Bay. Tower now have reached for top floor parapet and top mechanical floor is under construction now. THE GLASS REACHED TO 14 FLOOR, HALF WAY UP TO 28 STORY HIGH 300+ feet high tower, located just a step off from Sheepshead B,Q train station. Tower already looks pretty dull with this glass, should be a colored red or brown bricks instead!!! EVEN AVALON 42 STORY TOWER ON FLATBUSH AVENUE EXTENSION LOOKS MUCH BETTER, i am talking about Tower next to Toren, or a across the Toren the new 32 story curved tower by Castimatidis, a supermaket owner turned as building developer!!!

  3. But anyway wait for your update for both Castimatidis tower and this Muss/Avalon development on Sheepshead Bay!!!

  4. Who deleted my comments, they’re not pro trump, just about devepments, that’s how democracy works in NY Yimbi site!

  5. Sorry, NY Yimbi, but on 3G service I wasn’t able to see my previous comments, I apologized for that.

  6. So, waiting for news for one of Brooklyn breakthrough high-rise developments, The 320 feet high 28 stories Vorhies Avenue Tower on Sheepshead Bay, who looks nearly topped out. Also any news about this Castimatidis Fleet Street 32 story high Tower on Flatbush avenue extension in Downtown Brooklyn/Ft Greene neighborhood.

  7. See a rendering and view construction, that means the structure apportioning to mixed-use.

  8. Agree, that’s how the Eon residential office complex built on Sixth Ave in Chealsea between west 30 and west 31. First 5 story is the future Nike headquarters, about 100,000 sq feet, then 3 stories of mechanicals and for residential lobbies including a green terrace on the roof of 5 story podium, then 33 or 34 stories of residential condo named as Eon. Only difference is glass, height about 500 feet for 42 story building, but this one is 33 story, brick glass mix and 425 feet high, still one of tallest in this area of Downtown of Brooklyn, the tallest one here is Oro One 40 story condo tower at 432 feet. Then Oro Two, 400 feet, 38 stories, then Avalon Ft Greene, 42 stories, but only 390 feet, then 37 stories for Toren, 380 feet. This one is located near Manhattan Bridge entrance on Jay street, right?

  9. Now Downtown Brooklyn have a strong plato of high rises over from 290 feet to 450 feet high. Plus few Towers over 500 feet, tallest one at 610 feet with 53 story Hub, and 596 feet high 58 story Avalon Tower, then 590 feet tower at Bridge Street, then 554 feet high with 56 stories residential tower near famous Williamsburg Saving Bank 513 feet 1929 landmark tower, and 514 feet Brooklyner with 51 stories. So this new one is like a 8th tallest building in Brooklyn!!! Who said the Brooklyn’s skyline is dull probably didn’t was recently in Brooklyn!!! We have a strong plato with towers over 300-450 feet now and few clusters with towers 500-600 feet, add to this planned 1066 feet tower at Dime bank building near City point and CityPoint Tower 3 with 58 floors and 700 feet high to additional existing City Point 30 and 19 stories of residential on the roof big 4 story City Point shopping center/mall, and we would have a skyline in Downtown of Brooklyn matched with skyline in Philadelphia or Boston!!!

  10. City point existing Tower 2 what’s actually stand 34 story high and at 360 feet, in Wiki posted as being 30 story, and in some articles showed as 43 stories, actually being a 34 stories including first 4 of Mall’s floors. This a first project in Brooklyn when towers placed over the Big Shopping Mall, other is in Flushing, Queens, Skyview Park, where 10 stories of residential placed on the roof of multilevel Skyview Mall, who have up to 7 separate floor levels of retail, while being a 4 story high.

  11. Maybe I am wrong instead of brick is like a colored glass pattern, like they did for Brooklyner, still better than use only glass.

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