30 Hudson Yards Surpasses 10 Hudson Yards on Climb to 1,296-Foot Pinnacle

30 Hudson Yards30 Hudson Yards, photo by 5B Films

The past few weeks have brought substantial news surrounding the various supertalls coming to Hudson Yards, including 3 Hudson Boulevard, and 50 Hudson Yards. While both of those projects are still in their early stages of development, 30 Hudson Yards is now taking its place as the flagship tower of the new neighborhood, having surpassed its sibling 10 Hudson Yards’ 895-foot-tall peak, on the way to an eventual 1,296-foot pinnacle.

30 Hudson Yards, as viewed from 33rd Street and 10th Avenue, via Related

30 Hudson Yards, as viewed from 33rd Street and 10th Avenue, via Related

With about 400 feet to go until 30 Hudson Yards tops out, the tower is already making a massive impact on the city’s skyline, with the sheer bulk of the building giving it a very substantial presence. Eventually, the top floors will taper into an angled parapet, and an observation deck will also protrude from around 1,200 feet up, which is likely to turn the tower into a tourist attraction.

30 Hudson Yards at right

30 Hudson Yards rising into skyline at right, image by Kevin LeClerc

Kohn Pedersen Fox is the architect, and Related is developing the 2.6 million square foot project, which will be anchored by Time Warner. Other companies including Wells Fargo Securities and KKR have also committed to leases, which is one of the reasons why activity is now rippling outwards to nearby sites like 50 Hudson Yards and Manhattan West.

As for 30 Hudson Yards, completion is expected around 2019.

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7 Comments on "30 Hudson Yards Surpasses 10 Hudson Yards on Climb to 1,296-Foot Pinnacle"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | September 18, 2017 at 8:12 am | Reply

    Mystery religious can’t explain on progress from engineering methods.

  2. Seen this monster riding in on the west side highway this morning. Would love to see the Hudson Spire concept made into a reality. Keep up the good work Yimby!

  3. Yep, such as shame we’re allowing ourselves to settle for these boring, uninspiring, unimaginative, banal buildings even though we were originally promised spectacular, “Wows” like those sprouting practically like weeds when compared to the snoozefests now rising here in Hudson Yards.

    Of course, we were suckered into approving the massive, developer sought rezoning allowing these insipid looking Supertalls with renderings filled with promises of glamorous, skyline changing, awe inspiring buildings like those seen in London, such as the Gherkin, Shard, Heron Tower, and several others, or in many other premier cities around the world — only to see the cold, hard reality of NOTHING SPECIAL taking the place of the bold, iconic designs we were told we’d get in exchange for the height and bulk the taxpayers gave away thinking we’d get architectural masterpieces to look at to compensate for the loss of sunlight, traffic jams, and overcrowded subways and buses that will result from the creation of this super high density “city within the city”.

    Sorry, NIMBY, but when compared to the iconic buildings seen in many cities around the world, these duds in Hudson Yards are hardly worth looking at, much less cheerleading about and hoping for even more of the same…

    If anything, they’re incredibly disappointing.

    I’d LOVE to be raving, and am NOT among the “impossible to please” crowd. Unfortunately, the truth is, NOT ONE of the buildings seen to date as they rise from the ground/platform in Hudson Yards comes even close to ONE, let alone the many, gorgeous ones in London.

    And that’s just how it is.

    What a shame. But alas, not surprising.

  4. Just a quick follow up notation: original post should read “…practically sprouting like weeds in London (and elsewhere around the world)…”

    Apologies for the omission.

  5. And yes, should be “YIMBY” not “NIMBY” as written…my bad! Must’ve been a “Freudian slip” resulting from those amazingly boring buildings that are, in fact, seen daily rising ever higher down the block…or in a manner of speaking, in my back yard…?

    Just the same, apologies for the error. It was unintentional, and not meant to throw any Shade!!!

  6. @ Howard Miller: Have you actually been to see any of these projects in person? Have you actually gotten up close and taken a look at the quality of craft, the real details, and how these buildings address both the skyline (macro) and the streetscape (micro)? Have you researched the plans, the urban design, and the conceptual underpinnings of these projects?
    Sounds like ‘no’ on all fronts. I suggest you do your research and make some site visits before gracing the internet with your opinions.
    an Architect with a capital ‘A’.

  7. Duke is scared of heights. He’s so small. This guy is no Jimmy Bigfeet

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