116-02 Curzon Road Revealed, Kew Gardens, Queens

116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture

Kew Gardens is in for an attractive new development, with building applications filed for 83-61 116th Street, just off the intersection of Curzon Road. The site also includes the neighboring lot at 116-02 Curzon Road, which puts the project directly on the intersection with 116th Street, giving the assemblage a unique form that the architects have used to their advantage.

116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture

116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture

DOB applications show the structure will total eight floors and 21,376 square feet of residential space, to be divided between 32 units. At a bit over 650 square feet apiece, that means rentals are very likely.

Bluarch Architecture is behind the design, and the project will feature two distinct aesthetics. The part directly on the intersection will feature enormous rounded balconies sticking out from each level, with callings to Art Deco stylings, and an exterior rendered in cast-in-place concrete. The other part, on the 83-61 116th Street lot, will be substantially more contemporarily-minded, with a variegated pattern of balconies facing up against floor-to-ceiling glass.

116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture

116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture

Fortunately, neither of the components show any PTACs — and the part facing the intersection would leave no room for them in the final built version, either — which means this may be one of the few Outer Borough rental developments that is free of the scourge.

116-02 Curzon Road

116-02 Curzon Road, image by Bluarch Architecture

The site’s two existing homes were fairly old and rather attractive, but the replacement will do the lots justice considering transit accessibility and the increase in density. Multiple bus lines run nearby, and the 121st St/Jamaica Ave stop on the J and Z trains is just a few blocks to the southeast.

116-02 Curzon Road

116-02 Curzon Road, pre-demo, via Google Maps

Demolition permits have yet to be filed, and Vincenzo Maimone, of Curzon Development LLC is listed as the developer.

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5 Comments on "116-02 Curzon Road Revealed, Kew Gardens, Queens"

  1. Welcome Home (David) | September 26, 2017 at 7:15 am | Reply

    Attractive power mixed ready in service.

  2. Sounds like this rubbish was written by the developer or architect. The “old” houses will be replaced to improve density?! As if that’s an improvement when there’s not one onsite parking space being provided given that the area is already overcrowded. It’s silly to think that the new residents won’t want cars. That’s why people move to Queens.

    Also, how does this design fit in with anything in the neighborhood? Not much effort was done to blend in with the historical area design.

    Shame on the architect and developer. Wish we could build a big ugly building next to where they live.

  3. Wrong building wrong neighborhood too
    Stark no trees no joy no infrasctructure no retail

  4. K – After all, this is YIMBY not NIMBY….

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